denali 13:30 06 Jul 2006

I have had AOL a number of years with no problems. I have two up/down arrows on my taskbar and they have always read 217/516. This morning it has changed to 288/2272. Anyone tell me what this means please.? I have been to their live help but it worse than useless.Thank you.

  woodchip 13:36 06 Jul 2006

That your ISP connection as been upgraded to a faster line but it may not work any faster. Only if your account allows it

  SB23 14:20 06 Jul 2006

Customise your noification area. Mines always hidden, otherwise it does get annoying.

  denali 15:05 06 Jul 2006

SB23. ould you tell me what that means please

  SB23 15:52 06 Jul 2006

Right click at the bottom of your screen, go to properties, at the bottom of the taskbar tab click customise, this will show your current settings. In the behaviour section use the scroll down to modify what you want to see etc. Click on ok, and your done. Whenever I install new programs, and they install there, I adjust if and when they are displayed.


  denali 17:30 06 Jul 2006

SB23. Thanks a lot.

  Cesar 08:50 10 Jul 2006

I am on AOL (Gold) a few months ago AOL sent me an e-mail saying that as I was a Loyal customer they were upgrading my speed to 2272, as you are a loyal customer i suspect that the same thing has happened to you, but they forgot to notify you.

  denali 09:11 10 Jul 2006

Cesar. Thank you for that. Still have not heard from them!!

  Diemmess 09:43 10 Jul 2006

I downgraded to Silver some time ago and after Aol improved the speed to 1G, my own actual speed did not increase.
Eventually, and exasperated after Live Help insisted black was white, and the 0870 number had a subcontinental almost hysterically saying the same thing, but neither of us really understanding the other, I wrote to -

Allan McLuckie, Vice President of Member Services.

giving -
The nature of my complaint
My full name & address
AOL Screen Name
Telephone Number
posted to:
c/o AOL Member Services
PO BOX 2401

About 5 days later a Scot phoned me, took me through all sorts of checks, fiddled with something at his end, had me up to speed therafter and closed with the news that henceforward I was discounted to £15.99/month!

A simple check of the actual speed of connection can be the download rate of a file. On a notional 1G I now download at around 175 Kbps.

  Diemmess 09:45 10 Jul 2006

well 175K whatever!

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