pauliney 12:21 26 May 2005


when I go to aol download centre I get onto the web page ok but when I try to download lets say spybot I get this message

You must be a Member to view this site.

Please try again. If you still experience problems,

member of what I ask myself

  CurlyWhirly 12:26 26 May 2005

I didn't even know that AOL had a download centre!

  Diemmess 12:50 26 May 2005

If I am browsing and discover a download that I want, I simply click on the site's download button and normally have a small window which says Do you wish to save this (and Where?) or Open this file?

I don't have to look for a download centre. Are you trying to download by old IE and OE methods?
One of the advantages of Aol is to let Aol do it for you.

  Snec 13:29 26 May 2005

I have been with AOL since V4 and I do believe they used to have a download centre at one time.

Have not looked for it again until just now. Can't find it now on V8 or wife's V9 (don't like V9 myself) so I can only conclude that pauliney is stuck in a time-warp somehow.

  gudgulf 14:06 26 May 2005

Can you post a link to the page you are talking about?

I too am with AOL and can't find the "download centre",when I follow the links on AOL9 to get Spybot S&D it takes me to C/Net which doesn't need any membership to download from.

  pauliney 14:36 26 May 2005

thanks all for response

  pauliney 14:48 26 May 2005

aol downl 115,738 files available

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AOL Keyword: Download Center

oad centre-windows

  pauliney 14:54 26 May 2005

aol download centre
>You must be a Member to view this site.
> Please try again.

CHATSayedabd: Welcome to Member Help Interactive. Please present your question, and I will be with you in just a moment. :)
AlangDalton: cannot get into aol downoad centre reply is i must be a member
AlangDalton: click here
CHATSayedabd: Thank you for calling in to Live Help!! I may be with some other members at the moment, please state your query and I will be with you as soon as possible :-)
CHATSayedabd: Okay..
CHATSayedabd: May I know what exactly are you trying to download on your computer?
AlangDalton: spybot
CHATSayedabd: Please go to keyword: Spyware
CHATSayedabd: Then you can install the SPybot from there on your computer.
AlangDalton: thanks but is the download centre broken ?
CHATSayedabd: Yes, Its not working currently.
AlangDalton: thanks when do you think it will be working ?
CHATSayedabd: It has been reported and will be up soon again.
AlangDalton: thanks bye

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