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  NotSureBoutThis 16:20 11 Aug 2007


I have AOHell installed, periodically, when I open web pages AOhell keeps coming up, any idea how I stop it, apart from deinstalling it.


  Kaacee 21:28 12 Aug 2007

Why have you got it installed when it would appear you dont like AOL ???

  NotSureBoutThis 04:21 14 Aug 2007

I have it for my email address

  Miros 08:42 14 Aug 2007

Download and install Tree Size from click here
It's free, then scan your C Drive (or whatever) you will find or should find all of AOL in there.

You should be able to delete from there, but make sure you delete nothing that's important to connecting.

Might be a good idea set a system recovery point first.

  brundle 08:49 14 Aug 2007

Access your emails at click here.
Don't go randomly deleting AOL files without checking if there are installed AOL applications you can uninstall via Control Panel/Add Remove Programs first. If you are actually using AOL as your ISP you can just use the AOL dialer to establish the connection. no need for the browser, or even bypass all AOL software.
click here

  Miros 10:30 14 Aug 2007

My ISP is AOL. And admit I don't really understand the original question as AOL never " keeps coming up" on me.

I'm on Silver broadband with a router (always on) I occasionally use my AOL for email and mostly use the AOL web mail when I do. I do have other web based address's also.

Because of the question I looked in my settings /control /panel, and noted that AOL has no size given against the three entries in there. But going to TreeSize as in above link it lists all of AOL and breaks it down bit by bit, so thought 'NotSureBoutThis' would find what he thinks is causing the offence.

On a personal basis since I received and installed the supplied router late last year AOL service has been little short of fantastic and wouldn't change a thing now. In the past there were problems not now though.

I'm in AOL heaven :-) Amen :)

  NotSureBoutThis 23:25 14 Aug 2007

OK, thanks for the comments and suggestions.

I probably haven’t explained myself very well so let me try again.

My isp is Virgin BB, AOL runs piggy bank over my isp

If I was on this site, (PCAdvisor) and clicked on a thread, for some unknown reason AOL opens suddenly, I click the red X in the top right, and the thread then opens.

It happens on various web pages

Trust that makes more sense.

  woodchip 23:32 14 Aug 2007

Is it the Aim E-Mail that's running

  Miros 23:52 14 Aug 2007

Should that read piggy back?

If your ISP is not AOL I would think it's OK to delete all the AOL on your comp' that you can find, so use the TreeSize above, delete all AOL you find, then a do registry clean up. Afterwards do a search for AOL Web mail and use that for the AOL address that you have.

I use AOL web mail myself and it only pops up when I require it, or activate it.

  NotSureBoutThis 01:31 15 Aug 2007

Opps, yes it should read "piggy back"

Woodchip, I don't use AIM.

Thanks everyone for your tips, and advice.

  wids001 06:43 15 Aug 2007

I am in the exact same boat as you, running VM via cable but originally keeping AOL for my email only.

However not long after going over to VM I noticed that using the AOL browser through AOL (I'm still a member but get AOL for free now - Originally when I went to cancel my AOL subscription I was offered the chance to keep it for just £3.00 per month and this has since been made FOC by AOL) downloads run faster than if I use IE7 & VM!

Perhaps you should try using AOL as your default browser/home page through Virgin Media.

It works well for me!

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