Anywhere I can buy a better PC than this?

  simon_lambert 15:19 09 Mar 2007

Hi, I am looking at getting a PC with the following specs, for £630. I am a student, so if there is anywhere I can get a cheaper PC (with similar specs), I would really apprieate you posting a link up. Thanks, Si

Specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo e6400
2gb RAM
Vista HP
250gb HDD
18x DVD±RW/RAM/Dual Layer + Lightscribe (48 x CD-RW)

Keyboard, mouse, USB key (2GB), 1yr warranty, basic sound card and speakers, free delivery.


  FreeCell 15:25 09 Mar 2007

Duplicate entry, also in Helproom forum click here

  Kate B 16:57 09 Mar 2007

And in the Vista forum! simon_lambert, please only post a topic once.

  simon_lambert 00:04 10 Mar 2007

Cheers for you help guys! No-one responded in other forums!

  terryf 04:24 10 Mar 2007

click here& or click here (you can customise to suit yourself, I have used them, good service and even got email replies on Sunday afternoon when the boss was in, small but bootiful.)

  ICF 08:14 10 Mar 2007

Yes they did me for one!

  simon_lambert 15:06 10 Mar 2007

Cheers to terryf! freecell and kate b, dont waste your time telling me i have posted the message more than once! just tell me where I can get a good pc from dammit!

  FreeCell 16:57 10 Mar 2007

"freecell and kate b, dont waste your time telling me i have posted the message more than once! just tell me where I can get a good pc from dammit!"

The trouble is you post the same question on more than ome forum then anyone trying to help you won't see all the responses you may have had and thus waste their time, and yours, repeating the same advice.

  terryf 17:31 10 Mar 2007

I am afraid I agree about the multiple postings along with those who entitle a thread 'Help' and give no other clues as to what the problem is (not you simon)

  Pine Man 09:23 11 Mar 2007

I have also fallen fowl of the multiple entry rules and I am not convinced that they are necessarily right.

I posted a thread for information about a mail order scam on every forum to make sure everybody was aware because I am sure that not all readers look at every forum. I did not expect any answers from anybody, it was just for info, but you should have seen the vitriolic responses!

  FreeCell 13:04 11 Mar 2007

Pine Man
If your posts are for information to others then I have no objection to posts in all appropriate forums. You are not looking for responses.

I wasn't being critical of Simon, as he wanted an answer, it's just helpful to those who do respond to be able to see what others have said already and therfore to be aware of postings are on more than one forum. If you post to multiple forums all I personally would ask is that you take the step of providing a link to the other posts, not leave it to other forum members to do it for you and wasting their time.

Simon, hope you have found a good sopurce for the pc you want.

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