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  [email protected] 07:31 27 Aug 2009

hello, i had my amd pc die 3 weeks ago and i still havnt found the problem. would be great if anyone could tell me what probably caused this, i think the psu did something, but really im lost. this is what happened:
pc was overclocked but could run prime '95 for 3 days, all was fine and used daily for over a year.
re-installed operating system so lots of re-boots, i re-installed just as way of a clean up, as i had forgot what i had tweeked.
1 day after re~install it didnt start the screen. the next day it wouldnt boot, would atrat up and shut gown straight away. I thought this was an easy one and picked up a psu on the way home. Same problem but the re-boot happened faster.
After 2 days swapping ram hard drives etc i was at a loss, couldnt even get post.
i was thinking motherboard or possibly a vga card as the problem started with the screen not coming on.
so i replaced
msi diamond and 3 msi gtx 280 with msi platinum (amd 790gx) 295gtx and kept 280 for physx.
put it all together and got no post..... no reboots just no anything but full fans, after checking ram, trying to start with just motherboard still nothing.
i then remembered i had an amd 9850 in my drawer put that it booted up first time. flashed bios to 1.8 and swapped the cpu's back still nothing. Sent chip back to novatech who confirmed it's dead.
so im wondering, is all the stuff i replaced ok?
i mean the cpu was never over 45c i have never had re-boots on the new system, so did the re-boots break the cpu. or was the cpu at fault? the psu seems fine, but did it break the motherboard or cpu.
i got a pile of stuff i don't know wether is faulty or not.
my thought is maybe one of the many re-boots broke either the motherboard or cpu? which may in turn turn to a dodgy psu?
im confused and think it may be safe to bin the lot.
any thoughts?
the set up was:
amd 940be @3.9hz
msi diamond
2 x 2 gig ocz 8500 ddr2 reaper
2 samsung f2 sata 2 in raid (only thing saved)
3 cards
850 watt coolermaster real power.

  howard64 17:40 27 Aug 2009

if it worked with the amd9850 just connect everything up and try it. You will soon discover if bits work or are dead. Sometimes a cpu just gives up for no apparent reason. Amd only get something like 35% of all cpu's to market and many of those are clocked down and work at a lower rating than they were designed for.

  woodchip 17:58 27 Aug 2009

Overclocking as weakend Hardware Components

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