Anything Special with using Flash?

  powerless 01:02 07 Mar 2005

I have a few 'Flash Movies' as Frontpage calls them and I can easily add them into a page and they display just fine.

Under properties of the flash movie I see what appears to be links to users who have not got flash installed on there systems, seems simple enough?

The 'Flash Movies' do not contain any user input [yet] they just show a user what to do...[you just watch the movie]

I've experimented with different levels of quality and file sizes are, well not exactly big but not small either.

So I think I've pretty much got flash under control, in terms of how I'm using it.

But is there anything special when working with flash?


  powerless 18:42 08 Mar 2005

Something I said :-(

  mattyc_92 20:34 28 Mar 2005

What do you mean by "Special"???

  powerless 22:56 28 Mar 2005


  pmorff 02:39 29 Mar 2005

Depending on what version of Flash you are publishing in you could make the finished movie unavailable to surfers who have older versions of Flash. Some surfers are loathed to down load stuff over the internet. To help these people publish in a older version. One snag though, you are restricted to what can be published in the movie, the latest fangle dangle action script will be limited.

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