Anyone up on wireless networking 3 computers in XP

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:59 18 Jan 2003
  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:59 18 Jan 2003

The scenario.

A friend of mine owns Estate Agents and has 3 computers. The main computer is new and runs XP. The other two are as old as the hills and are getting the order of the boot to be replaced with 2 new computers running XP natch (thinly veiled hint to PCW to get the Mr Sheen out).

The main computer has all the clients’ details, viewing history, adverts, photographs etc. The other two computers are used for word processing and accounts. The other two computers need to occasionally access files on the main computer e.g. entering client data and viewing/changing history.

All 3 need to be networked so that the two secondary computers can dump info onto the files of the main computer. The main computer may need to occasionally access the other 2 computers. Dial up is 56K so Internet sharing will not be needed.


1) For all sorts of dull reasons there can be no wires, so wireless is the ONLY option but there is no need to worry about BB connections as this is for file sharing ONLY.

2) From what I can gather, Belkin seems to be the hardware of choice and cost will not be a consideration.

3) Does the ‘main’ computer have a different USB device and the other two have slaves?

4) I’ve set up networks before but never using XP or wireless. Am I to assume that it will be as easy-peasey as Belkin et al reckon?

5) What 3 items from Belkin will be needed?

6) Ta muchly.


  Gaz 25 17:48 18 Jan 2003

It is very easy really,

You could fit PCI wireless network cards or the USB adapters, it's your choice?

They both work well.

So you need as many wireless network adapters as there are PC's so in your case 3. Then just install the software and share what is nessesery and it should all work no problems!

Hope this is of help. If you need more just ask!

  Gaz 25 17:50 18 Jan 2003

I forgot to give you the links...

click here for a wireless USB adapter.

click here for a PCI adapter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:38 18 Jan 2003

The link for the belkin USB adapter is the one that I had more or less decided on. So, it is just three of these, load the software onto each computer and Bobs yer uncle. Does any sort of file sharing have to be set up on each XP computer or does the software take care of this?


  Forum Editor 18:43 18 Jan 2003

My office network is configured thus:-

1. Linksys WAP11 wireless access point.

2. UNEX NexHub 8 port dual-speed hub

3. Belkin USB wireless network adapters on all PCs (plus PCMCIA wireless adapter in laptop).

All PCs have USB adapters, although you can use the internal card type if you wish. The host machines Belkin adapter is connected to the hub via the adapter's LAN port. The Linksys Wireless access point ('base station' for want of a better word) is also connected to the hub via its LAN port. (There's an additional USB port on the Linksys called a configuration port, and you use this to connect to the host computer during setup).

The other machines aren't connected to the hub - so there are no cables. The hub can take extra machines via ordinary RJ45 connections if we have visitors who need to be on our network.

You'll find it a breeze to set this lot up - almost easier than reading this - and I'll be surprised if you have any problems. Let WinXP nanny you through the network setup procedure - it does it flawlessly. Run the Linksys access point setup with its USB lead pluigged into the host machine, and then you can disconnect that lead.

Get back to me if you have problems - I do this setup fairly often for clients.

  Forum Editor 18:45 18 Jan 2003

to enable sharing on the host for those files/folders that you want the other machines to access, and make sure that firewalls are turned off during network activities.

  Gaz 25 18:59 18 Jan 2003

network adapters you go into the XP start menu > All programs > Accesories > Communications > Network set-up wizard and follow the steps then do this for each computer and make a folder on the PC you decide to make the main one and then share this folder via rightclicking and properties then once done you can go into network places on the desktop or start menu and go into the main PC that has the shared file on and make a shortcut to this and place it on the desktop or in my docs on the other PC's and whatever is saved to this folder will be accesible via other computers.

Hope this helps.
Regards, Gaz25.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 21 Jan 2003

Well all this has certainly cleared up a few things. Looks like a trip to PCA. :-))

many thanks for all the info. and the deed of the green tick has been done.


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