Anyone want a Joost invite?

  Dipso 19:12 04 May 2007

If you don't know what Joost is click here

I have 997 to give away lol!

Send me a PM and I'll forward you an invite.

If I get inundated be patient with me.

  Dipso 19:26 04 May 2007

Be aware if you're on a usage capped broadband service that this could eat away at your allowance.

The invites require a Christian name and surname. If you don't want to reveal them I'll just have to duplicate your PC Advisor username.

  Totally-braindead 19:31 04 May 2007

Is this Joost run by or affiliated to you?

  Dipso 19:34 04 May 2007

No why is there a problem?

  Totally-braindead 19:38 04 May 2007

Its ok I've just been reading another thread in another Forum about it, I was concerned you might be advertising which isn't allowed.
I can see from the other thread you are not advertising so I appologise.
Seems interesting, wonder if it will pay.

  Dipso 19:41 04 May 2007

No worries...if I'm am breaking forum rules then the FE can delete but I have nearly a thousand of these to give away and I don't have that many friends lol! Just being friendly. It's a bit like the Gmail invite system.

Would you like an invite lol! ?

  MAJ 19:46 04 May 2007

Got my invite, Dipso, many thanks, have downloaded the software and registered. It's a little stoppy starty at the moment but that's more than likely my connection at this time of night, will try it again later.

  sunny staines 19:46 04 May 2007


looks handy, waiting to try.

  Dipso 19:50 04 May 2007

I'm finding the latest build a bit jerky and I'm on a 15 Meg connection. They want any bugs/problems you find is free I suppose.

sunny staines - yours is on its way.

  Totally-braindead 19:51 04 May 2007

I'll consider it Dipso. I'm on BB unlimited but its only a 1 meg connection so to be honest I think I might struggle considering the file sizes.

  Dipso 19:55 04 May 2007

I'm sure I'll have a few left if you decide to try it...mind you at this rate, maybe not!

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