Anyone with a Wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet

  compumac 20:44 13 Nov 2008

Anyone with a Wacom bamboo fun graphics tablet out there?
Advice wanted

  compumac 08:48 14 Nov 2008

Just one and only bump

  €dstowe 09:03 14 Nov 2008

What sort of advice are you looking for?

We use Wacom tablets but not the model you have - we use them for professional purposes including some A3 size ones.

  Diemmess 09:46 14 Nov 2008

Have had earlier versions going back to cable connecting pen and a serial connection.
All had an A5 tablet.
All worked well.

Now using the more expensive Intuos because this has a more sophisticated pen. A better instrument than I can justify, given my limited abilities.

Even the simplest and cheapest Wacom is dramatically better for fine picture editing work than a mouse.

  compumac 09:52 14 Nov 2008

I have the Medion MD9570 (five years old)but since I reformatted my hard disc and reinstalled everything from scratch, I cannot get it to function. I tried to install the drivers for the tablet but they do not seem to install. I have the latest drivers which are the same as when the unit was purchased. Medion suggest that I re-install Windows. After some two weeks gradually putting everything on I do not want to go down that avenue. I also tried to install on my other PC, but something tells me that XP SP3 download might be the cause as it also had worked on the other PC before XP SP3.
I use Photoshop and found that a graphics tablet was ideal for editing.
The Wacom Bamboo Fun Small (CTE-450) would seem appropriate for my needs but the active area is so much smaller at 147mm x 93mm as opposed to my Medion which is/was 300mm x 220mm.
I have not used the Wacom and do not know anyone who has one, and that was why I was asking for advice as to its suitability for photo editing.
It is the active area size that I am not sure of. Is it sufficient for photo editing?

  €dstowe 11:59 14 Nov 2008

A5 is the normal size for graphics tablets - your Medion seems exceptional!

The size of tablet is perfectly OK for photo editing - remember that the active area is directly proportional to what you see on the screen so if you have some especially intricate work, all you need do is zoom in on screen on the part you're interested in.

I find Wacom tablets exceptionally good and use them all the time - often instead of the mouse.

  FreeCell 18:20 14 Nov 2008

I have a Wacom Volito 2 (now discontinued) which was a cheap introduction to graphics tablets (c£35). Replaced now by the Bamboo Pen Tablet (A6)It's been brilliant, no complaints from me came - with drawing software that has kept my daughter amused for hours, and that alone is worth the money!

  ventanas 22:14 14 Nov 2008

I use an Intuous on my desktop and a Graphire on my laptop. I'm thinking of swapping the Graphire for a Bamboo as it's now rather old, and the Bamboo is probably all I need on that machine.

  compumac 22:45 14 Nov 2008

There are more than one Bamboo. Which one are you looking at and why?

  compumac 20:07 15 Nov 2008

Thought I would just post this as it might interest someone. Whereas I had tried to install the drivers for my Medion Graphics tablet and nothing happened, I tried to install in Safe Mode and Lo! The tablet now functions!!!!!

  banksiaman 00:38 09 Jul 2009

I have a RADEON GV-R925128VH graphics card, the ATI control centre V1.2.2314.2007 and a MEDION 41217 graphics tablet.

I use 2 screens a 18 and a 23 inch

I want to use the Tablet on Photoshop CS4 on the 23 inch screen but the tablet extends over both screens.

Is there a simple way of changing {something?} so that I can make the mouse work on one screen while using CS4 and then switching it back to 2 screens when needed

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