Is anyone using a Pentium mobo?

  ened 06:18 23 Nov 2007

If so could you please show me an idiots guide to installing their Desktop applications.

  cream. 06:52 23 Nov 2007

We have 4 machines that use a Intel chip. They range from celeron m to core 2 duo's but don't quite understand what you are looking for?

Is it motherboard drivers and peripherals or is it just programs. If it is programs which ones are you having difficulty with.

Also what operating system are you using ened.

It's early and if I'm off the mark with the reply, then ignore this bleary eyed coffee drinking wishing he could go back to bed Percy.

  crosstrainer 06:53 23 Nov 2007

More info to help you:) What mobo, and what desktop applications are you trying to install?

  ened 07:08 23 Nov 2007

Good morning.

This is the board: Intel BOXD975XBX2KR 975x Socket 775 Core 2 Duo ready FSB1066 DDR2 Audio Crossfire ATX

and I have been trying to install Intel Desktop Utilities .

I am obviously missing a trick because all I keep getting is an icon on the Desktop which says Installer. This then takes me back to the Intel page. I have downloaded something but it is a zip file which then disappears and I am reluctant to push any further because I do not know what is going on.

  ened 07:12 23 Nov 2007

So sorry, I have just read the post by the bleary eyed coffee drinking wishing he could go back to bed Percy properly.

The OS is Vista Ultimate.

  ened 09:37 23 Nov 2007

I just realised that in my early morning stupor I gave this thread the wrong Title.

I meant : Is anyone using an Intel mobo?

  cream. 10:35 23 Nov 2007

Are the Intel Desktop Utilities from the motherboard C\D or from the intel site? click here

If from the C\D, either let the disk autorun and pick which you wish to install or stop the disk from autorunning and open the contents of the disk in my computer. Select which folder or application you wish to use, open it and look for the exe. Hopefully that will load from disk.

If it's a download then I can't see any for the KR version of that motherboard.

If no good.A bit more info about where you are trying tpo get the applications from and what the app's are.

Your wide awake tea swilling wish he was fishing Percy.

  ened 10:41 23 Nov 2007

The board came with 2 cds.

The drivers for the board installed fine and the second cd contained the software.

I 'browsed' it and found the 'Desktop utilities'which I then tried to install with no success.

I have been thinking it might work if I installed the whole lot, but there are things on there which I definitely do not want on my machine- namely Norton.

I wanted this programme because apparently it is a useful monitor, from your Desktop, of the state of your system.

  cream. 11:06 23 Nov 2007

These usually come with a *custom* install button somewhere in the install. ou then just tick which of the utilities you want to install. has yours this option?

If it has not, then you could uninstall norton via it's removal tool from the internet.

  ened 11:16 23 Nov 2007

I shall try that tonight but if there is any chance of Norton getting onto my machine I shall have to cease the installation.

I know they have an uninstall tool, but I don't trust them.

Thanks for your help.

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