anyone used Talk Talk

  Ray5776 13:44 02 Jun 2007

Hi everyone,

I have just looked at the link in the posting by SebBux 02.06 12.50. ref broadband.
The Talk 3 broadband and phone package looks good value at £19.99. Do any of you use this or have any experience of it or any other valid commments.
Thanks Ray

  Stuartli 13:51 02 Jun 2007

I've been using TalkTalk's Talk3 International for 14 months and, at £20.99 a month, it's quite remarkable value for money.

I get free AnyTime UK calls to all local, 01 and 02 phone numbers; free AnyTime calls to 30 different international countries and the price also includes my monthly BT line rental of £11.

On top of that the 2MB broadband service was switched to the "up to 8MB" service in March, when my local exchange's TT LLU equipment came onstream and I get speeds of 6MB to 6.6MB.

My best mate got BB at home for the first time last month with the same package and was fully connected within a fortnight.

If you want free international phone calls as well as UK, you have to pay the extra pound a month (unless you are discussing the three month trial period). At 25p extra a week it's well worth it.

  eagle06 14:00 02 Jun 2007

I've had Talktalk's Talk3 package with free broad band for 12 months, apart from a few connection problems which were put right by a phone call to TalkTalk I've been very happy and would recommend it.

  cocteau48 14:05 02 Jun 2007

I would underscore everything which Stuartli says.
Just do not expect any help from their customer care department - if you get Warrington or South Africa you might get help but their asian call centre 'aint got a clue.

  Ray5776 17:36 02 Jun 2007

Looks good then, I may well switch thanks for your replies.
There a few points that their Q+A does not cover if anyone can help.
My BB is Orange and my phone line BT, do they do all the transfering and cancelling contracts etc or do I have the aggro.
Presumably I cannot retain my current E Mail Address as it is
I have a ADSL2 Linksys Gateway modem/router, will this be OK or do I need their modem which will not be a router.

Any help or suggestions most wellcome as I think I will go ahead with this.


  llandyfan 18:28 02 Jun 2007

I have been with Talktalk for well over a year now and recently signed up for their new 18 months contract.At first, service was very reliable, but lately, things have gone really downhill.

I now cannot receive emails (settings are fine) for most of the time...Talktalk deny there is a problem. Also, the Internet 'goes down' a few times every week and the information on the web site concerning personal email addresses and web space details is in a right mess and has been for many months. Existing email addresses no longer show up and therefore cannot be changed or altered. Worse still, this means that passwords cannot now be changed also.

Talktalk have been informed but still cannot/will not have not remedy the fault.

Web space is still only a paltry 15Mb despite promises for a very long time to give more space!!!

If you want a cheap Broadband service, go for it, but don't count on a reliable email service and be prepared for some 'down time', especially at weekends when the server(s) obviously cannot cope!!!

  Ray5776 18:37 02 Jun 2007

Thanks llandyfan, this seems to be the other side of the coin. I appreciate all views on this which is why I made the posting.


  Stuartli 18:43 02 Jun 2007

I have absolutely no problems with my TalkTalk e-mail service, which includes three or four other e-mail addresses as well as

Furthermore I've never had a connection breakdown.

  Ray5776 19:20 02 Jun 2007

You are a regular poster on this site, if it`s good enough for you should be OK for me.
Can anyone answer my questions posted 17.36.

  Stuartli 19:57 02 Jun 2007

You will need to obtain a MAC from your current ISP and provide TT with it - they will do the rest.

Can't see any reason why you can't use your modem route; I have a £15 wired modem router (e-Buyer rebadged Safecom model) which works fine.

TalkTalk will also switch you to its phone service and pay the line rental to BT on your behalf; if you have any line rental outstanding with BT (it's paid quarterly in advance), it will refund you pretty quickly.

  Mac70 20:04 02 Jun 2007

It is best to use your own router. The usb modem I got when I was with TT, very briefly, caused the pc to hang on shutdown.
Sure, they are cheap, but I waited 3 months for the BB service and they tried to charge me for the non-existant service.
And my phone would make calls to strangers, with me answering, thinking they were calling me, and I got charged for those calls too!
On the plus side, TT mutually cancelled the contract for no charge.

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