Anyone used 'PC PitStop' ?

  TommyRed 19:52 07 Jul 2003

I put my PC into PC PitStop for a checkup and got the results which said I had a major problem with drive c. When I clicked on the red flag (major problem) it gave the following results: Cached speed63.76 MB/s (65%)Uncached speed3.22 MB/s (113%)
Cached and uncached speed is measured in megabytes per second (MB/s). When a percentage is shown for cached and uncached speed, it compares the performance of the drive with those of systems in our database with the same processor and clock speed. (Our database currently has 41087 similar systems.) A rating of 200% means a disk is twice the performance of similar systems, 50% means it's half the performance. Cached disk speed generally measures the efficiency of the system's processor and memory system, not the performance of the hard disk. Uncached speed is most affected by the physical hard disk and the disk interface
Anyone any idea what could be causing this. My OS is 98SE, PC is 550 PIII with 128Mb of RAM. Cheers TR.

  -pops- 19:57 07 Jul 2003

It's scareware.

Zillions of computers work very well without the benefits of Penelope Pitstop or any of her cohorts such as the one you mention.

Get rid of it. Forget everything it has instilled into your head that you are now worrying about, go and have a cup of tea and sleep easy in the knowledge that you no longer have this nasty panic generator.

  3tg 20:01 07 Jul 2003

It scared me silly, even said I had a virus when it did not !. I only did the pitstop check out of curiosity, my computer is working just fine as they say *if it aint broke,dont fix it ".

  marjted 20:03 07 Jul 2003

Have used it regularly for the last few years. Find it very useful for checking over aspects of my PCs performance. Useful to look back at earlier tests too.

Haven't a clue what -pops- is on about.

  The Spires 20:05 07 Jul 2003

There have been quite a few posts about this, most people have been worried that their drives are not running correctly, it told me the same some while ago, I have not returned there because I feel the results they give are in error.

Why can I hear the ITN news while I am typing this?

  marjted 20:09 07 Jul 2003

click here

This link may give you some avenues to explore.

  -pops- 07:30 08 Jul 2003

A clue as to what I'm on about comes in the second sentence of my post "Zillions of computers work very well without the benefits of - - ".

Computers ought to be used for more constructive things than running tests to see how they are running - a means to an end not an end in itself.

You say "Have used it regularly for the last few years."

Used to be termed contemplating one's navel.

  VoG II 07:40 08 Jul 2003

It also tells me that I have a major problem with my HDD - which I don't. As said above, ignore it.

  helmetshine 08:03 08 Jul 2003

I've also used PC Pitstop a few times,never had any false reports from them,only problems it's reported were disabled devices(which i have)and that came with an explaination that it's not necessarily a problem if you disabled them on purpose,but as it can't poss know that i feel it's correct in reporting them.Also said i need to defrag...thats it...nothing else trying to get me to buy something i don't need,so i feel sopme people may be being a bit harsh on them.Just my opinion tho

  Stuartli 08:43 08 Jul 2003

The basic PCPitstop test is fine - like most people I've had dire warnings about the HDD; seems to be a means of selling other test programs....

  -pops- 09:02 08 Jul 2003

Whatever anyone says in support, or otherwise, of this and all similar programs it remains true that by far the vast majority of computers never have the "benefits" of anything these programs tell.

Yet, these machines run quite happily and successfully for year on year.

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