Anyone used ??

  Lord Isleworth 16:01 22 Mar 2006

I have posted before about the need for a password protected area. My host has been able to create an area but the problem is one the set username and password are put in the user can go back and forth in the browser, even close the new window, click on the members area again and it just opens. This is not what I want to happen. Would anyone know if coffeecup could help me with this?? anyone who has used this product if you pay once do you have the software forever or do you renew yearly - currently £39 dollars, any help appreciated

  Lord Isleworth 16:25 22 Mar 2006

Thanks, how do these off the shelf things work?? does it generate code you then add to your own pages, any insight would be a great help

  phil 19:32 22 Mar 2006

I use CC but have not used the Password program.

All software bought on there is yours for life, including all upgrades. If you go onto the CC Forums click here someone will help out.

You'll need the email address and password that you used when you bought the software to post on the forum.

I'll see you on there with a bit of luck.

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