Anyone use wannadoo?

  scooby43 14:09 13 Sep 2004

Hi all I have been with Freeserve a longtime before it changed to Wannadoo. I was even on dial up before broadband. We are are on the old service 512k unlimited. I just wondered how many members here use Wannadoo because it seems very unfair that they now offer 1mb service and old members like my self are on 512. I don't want to loose the unlimted and move over to there new capped services which there is a £20 migration charge for doing this. So I think we should of had a free upgrade to 1mb.

Thanks in advance, I am sure there must be someone like me who uses Wannadoo.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:40 13 Sep 2004

i changed from wannadoo dialup to 512BB expecting to have the limit.

but i download alot of GB's each WEEK and im on supposedly capped, but no problems at all.

  bretsky 14:54 13 Sep 2004

Well what about this then, two days after I signed up with W/doo for B/B 512kb(Freeserve dial up member before)they introduced 1mb which will now cost me an extra £20 to upgrade.
I already paid £20 for the 2 micro filters that I really didn't need because they were already included in the modem pack, major c**kup all round!

I'm on 2gb limit and frightened to download lots just in case I get the chop!

bretsky ;0)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:55 13 Sep 2004

On the 2G capped version usual downloads, surfing + 277 Mb of SP2 and still not charged any extra.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:08 13 Sep 2004

as i said above im on the 512 BB with (i thought a 1GB limit}which i pay,
i think its £17 or £18 per month,
yet i dowload in the region of 20-35GB per month,

i think its just a con to get extra money from customers, i dont want to moan about wanadoo tho ive had great service since the begining, + they may REALLY start capping me.

  bretsky 15:39 13 Sep 2004

I suppose it's going to be trial and error at first, would love to rip videos of bands but only aloud 1/2 hour a week?

Must upgrade to 1mb though!!

bretsky ;0)

  pj123 15:47 13 Sep 2004

This is a response from Wanadoo about capping.

"We will not be checking anybody’s usage for the first few months. Later in the year we will get in touch with you to let you know when we will start checking people’s usage, and how your usage will be communicated to you. If you exceed your usage allowance then you will have two options:

Do nothing and have a restricted service which only allows Wanadoo email using programmes like Outlook or Outlook Express. All other Internet access (including webmail like Hotmail) will be stopped until we reset your usage to zero at the beginning of the next month.

Move to another Broadband product which has a larger usage allowance. You may do this up to 3 times in a 12-month period"

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:49 13 Sep 2004

yeh give it a go, just go for it, you may be pleasently supprised, are you gona be file sharing P2P etc.

  scooby43 15:51 13 Sep 2004

I mean what does the limit actually consist of, is it just for downloads eg sending and receiving email attachments and is surfing classed. It seems this could happen to everyone in the future. I have also looked into BT etc but seem to still have limits.

  bretsky 16:01 13 Sep 2004

No I am not.

pj123, I wondered how they were going to do this, thanx for that.

scooby43 click here and click on the 'what does this mean'link.

bretsky ;0)

  scooby43 16:03 13 Sep 2004

Thanks for the link, might keep looking at other companys. See if there are any better offers isn't easy I know.

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