Anyone use Vista's power plans on laptop..for info

  mooly 12:39 26 May 2009

Been having a look into these, in particular the default settings for processor speed which has the ability to greatly improve battery life and enable cool running for less demanding tasks.
If you open "reliability and performance monitor" and look at the graph for CPU usage you see a blue line. That shows the processors max speed it can run as a percentage of "max" In the header just below it lists the speed as well. So when the graph jumps to 100% that means (I think) 100% of the 40% max clock speed.
The default setting for "power saver" on battery is ZERO and ZERO, for min and max speeds respectively. That obviously would give a dead PC so Vista only seems to accept certain limits (what I found anyway). For example set it between 0 and 40 as a minimum and it runs at 40%. Set to 45% and the base line jumps to 80%.
As ever info is scarce, you just have to play around and try things for yourself.
My estimated batt time jumped to 2hr 12min from around 1hr 30 min by setting up an aggresive power saving plan, and for "normal" stuff the performance is fine.

  AL47 12:54 26 May 2009

didnt know about this tool, i opened up 10 dvds and a load of prorams simultaneously and yes the blue line came down eventually [cooling issue ]

  mooly 13:03 26 May 2009

It's revealing for sure. "Balanced" for example on mine runs at 80% of max clock speed but can go higher than this (to 100%) if needed. Power saver on battery 40% fixed limit. Fan hardly cut's in on that setting for normal stuff.
If you open performance monitor on running the power saver plan on mains power and pull the plug you see the processor speed drop in real time down to 40% (on mine anyway)
Well worth having a play, and you can always reset the defaults if your not sure.

  AL47 13:16 26 May 2009

my laptop has a few predefined clock speeds i think, its a core 2 duo


and putting it on powersave dumps it to 1.00

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