Anyone use Talktalk web mail?

  six-h 23:32 22 Jan 2008

I thought that this would act like Gmail, or other web mail acounts, ie. retaining afile of both in and out bound messages, but it doesn't.

Mail sent via talktalk web mail account remains in the web mail folder to be viewed when required,(but is not visible in OE "sent items")

Mail received to the E mail address appears in both "In Boxes", though once viewed in web mail account, it promptly disappears!
(ie. only unread messages are enduring in web mail!)

So my OE "in box" has replies to mail that it appears I never sent, and my Outgoing web mail appears never to have received any replies!

Am I missing the point, or is "TT Web mail" not all it's cracked up to be??

  MAJ 00:02 23 Jan 2008

Seems to be working as expected for me.

  six-h 00:17 23 Jan 2008

so your received mail in the web mail box remains available after you have read it?

  MAJ 00:20 23 Jan 2008

Ah I see what you mean abot the inbox in webmail. You can mark them as "Keep as new", I think that retains them in the inbox.

  six-h 00:40 23 Jan 2008

Thanks for that, I presume it has to be done on a case by case basis, how quaint!

The same, or rather the reverse is true in your Outlook Express "Sent Items" folder, there is no evidence of any mail sent using the web account for that e-mail address!!

It sort of misses the whole point of "Web" mail whilst managing to cause total confusion if you use it!

Think I'll stick with G-Mail....

  cocteau48 09:16 23 Jan 2008

Morning six-h
Mail on my TT webmail server can be opened and viewed and it stays on the server. It only disappears if I either delete it from the server or open it via my normal email client (Thunderbird).
Opening it on the server does not make it "promptly disappear" nor does it stop it being viewed subsequently in Thunderbird.
....nor is it marked as "keep as new"....

  lotvic 13:11 23 Jan 2008

If I have understood, this may help.

""The same, or rather the reverse is true in your Outlook Express "Sent Items" folder, there is no evidence of any mail sent using the web account for that e-mail address!!""

Well, there won't be, if you did it on the Webmail and not in Outlook Express prog on your pc
You could always send yourself a cc copy and collect it in Outlook Express if that would help you keep track

If you configure your Outlook Express talktalk account to leave copies of email on the (web)Server then they shouldn't disappear from the Server when you collect them with Outlook Express

OE > Tools > Accounts > [highlight talktalk account] > Properties > Advanced and at the bottom box > Delivery and tick the box 'Leave a copy of messages on server'

  six-h 15:42 23 Jan 2008

Thanks lotvic, and cocteau48.
It's quite evident that TalkTalk web mail is less than I had hoped for.
I think I'll stick with G-mail which "does what it says on the tin", and is less of an enigma!
Life's too short, (well mine is)..:-)

  Stuartli 17:26 23 Jan 2008

I don't use TT webmail very often, but it does what is expected.

Any mail sent or received via webmail is unlikely to appear in your OE folders unless you leave received e-mails you've read on the server.

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