Anyone use M/S Money

  frenchman96 10:00 22 Feb 2008

I would appreciate any comments of users of M/S Money before I download.

If you reply, the version, cost of it will be helpful.

Thank you

  ventanas 10:28 22 Feb 2008

I would be careful which version you get. Money has not been available in the UK for a few years now. If the download you are considering is from the USA you may have problems with its set up in the UK

I use the last version to be published here in the UK, but am not at home to check the version year, but I think it was 2006.

I have no problems with this version and it works perfectly with Vista. You may still be able to get hold of a copy from PC World or Amazon.

  ventanas 10:30 22 Feb 2008

Sorry, it seems 2004 is the final UK version

click here

  frenchman96 10:39 22 Feb 2008

Thanks for response, funny enough, when I googled MS Money review, someone said that 2006 is best.

  sunny staines 12:42 22 Feb 2008

if you have office use excel its much better.

  frenchman96 12:58 22 Feb 2008

sunny staines

Just had a good look at it and it looks very comprehensive which makes it a bit confusing to me.

Am enclined to agree with you, I now use Open Office and Calc

  sunny staines 13:29 22 Feb 2008

if open office allows simple formulas you can use that.
with excel and checking internet banking i know at any time my balance and how much i have available after debits and switch etc payments have come out, i can also check any interest payments on savings and mortgages you will be surprised how often banks and mortgages get this wrong and end up giving you refunds human error in these places is dreadful but the errors are always in their favour till you point them out. i always doublecheck any interest changes myself to check the figures.
all this can be done with pen and paper but easier with excel.

  johndrew 13:53 22 Feb 2008

Depending on exactly what you want it for (I use it only for personal accounts) I find Money Manager Ex click here absolutely excellent.

  provider 2 16:11 22 Feb 2008

It came as a free programme with my hp computer. It`s rather like the pc equivalent of Mrs Beaton`s Cookbook, an interesting relic from a bygone age and about as much use as a gadget for removing stones from horses` hooves.

I could be wrong, of course.

  pj123 17:50 22 Feb 2008

I have been using MoneyBox32 for some time now.

It is a free program and has been written by the Father of one of our Forum members.

Get it from:
click here

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