Anyone use "History kill"

  Rogerfredo 11:33 03 Jul 2005

I have had an old version (V1.1) of History Kill on my PC for several years now, and it has been operating correctly (deleting all internet history, temp files etc and Windows temp files).
I recently received an email inviting me to upgrade to the 2005 version for about £10.
However, this version does not appear to function correctly. Although the temp internet files area appears deleted, CCleaner shows all the supposedly deleted files when run.
Trying to get support from "Trustsoft" gives a "support forum" where there appears to be a lot of other customers with various complaints about this software.
I don't see why I should struggle to resolve their bugs, and wonder how I can get my money refunded. THey do not reply to emails.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

  stalion 11:37 03 Jul 2005

This does the same job and is free you have to supply your email address but they are not intrusive and only contact you when there is an update to the software click here

  Rogerfredo 11:49 03 Jul 2005

Thanks for the reply, stalion, but the History kill prog is one which can be configured to run automatically. I know that I can manually remove history, but am peeved about paying for an "upgrade" that does not work!

  stalion 11:52 03 Jul 2005

the program I posted can be set to clear all internet activity every time you boot up

  Klof Ron 11:58 03 Jul 2005

Like you I have used this programme since the early days, and have updated through v2002,2003 and now 2005. I have done what you suggest and run CC Cleaner after allowing History Kill to run and it finds six files. These are all index.dat files, which are marked for deletion the next time you restart, as they are system files which are in use and cannot be deleted until a restart. After a restart the files are recreated by Windows, but are empty of all previous entries and history (try opening the cookies index.dat file in note pad). As the files are recreated cc Cleaner will find them and mark them for deletion the same as History Kill.

  Rogerfredo 12:22 03 Jul 2005

Thanks again stalion. I will try your suggestion.
Klof Ron, my temp files were not index files, but a whole selection including jpegs etc from sites visited. I am not saying that Historykill never works, but appears to be haphazard, sometimes working, sometimes not. -Therefore not trustworthy.
I also got the box appearing on the desktop showing the frequency of the "kill" operation, until reference to the forum supplied a fix to remove it.
You only have to see the forum to see the number of problems or bugs on this software.

  Klof Ron 13:57 03 Jul 2005

I have checked the support forum, and I now agree with you, the programme is not all it's cracked up to be. I am so concerned that I have deleted it and gone back to the 2003 version. I am willing to write of the upgrade price, and will take a look at the programme suggested by stallion.

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