Anyone use Easy Cd Creator 3 ?

  Border View 16:50 18 Aug 2006

My six year old computer died on me last week. I had Easy CD Creator 3 installed and it had always served me well.

However when you created data discs there were two ways to do it. First, discs which could be read on any computer and Second, Discs which could be read in Drive D. (I mistakingly thought that meant any Drive D) For the majority of the time I used the second method.

Problem is that modern computers even with Drive D as their CD/DVD drive cant read my backup discs.

Wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem and how did they overcome it.

PS XP wont play with Easy CD Creator V.3 - I had been using Windows 98SE, but am now on XP

  ArrGee 17:28 18 Aug 2006

Sounds like you dedicated it to your own old PC. I think that taking the first option (any computer) would have been a wiser option. Is the old PC completely dead?

  Border View 21:27 18 Aug 2006

Yes my hard drive is dead. The processor was on the way out before the HDD started clicking, then ziltch. Am resigned.

crx1600. thank you for your link, however a warning came up that this was an unlicenced application. I am ultra cautious at the moment so will not be following that link. Thank you all the same.

Thank you both for responding.

  Border View 07:55 19 Aug 2006

From what you said, does this mean that even if I find a computer which runds Windows 98SE and I install Easy CD Creator 3 from the original disc I still would not be able to access the information on these backup discs.

Thank you for your time.

  ArrGee 10:40 19 Aug 2006

I have had this problem in the past, but I did manage to retrieve my data on a different machine. Have you tried on a different 98se machine as yet?

  Border View 11:32 19 Aug 2006

No not yet, but I do have a friend who has one running 98SE and I thought that if I went down,(50 miles away), loaded Easy CD V.3 disc. If they were readable then I'd load the software for FTM back up the data and reburn a disc which could be read on any computer. You have given me a little hope.

I was worried that these discs might only be readable on my specific (dead)computer. The data in question is two family tree files with over 1000 names and associated information and covering six years research. Plus other documents.

I shall let you know how I get on.

  rodriguez 11:57 19 Aug 2006

click here - this is a UDF driver for Windows 2000 and XP and it supports DVD RAM discs. However if this doesn't sort it out then the disc just might not be finalised. To finalise it, put it in your CD or DVD writer and go on your CD recording software and look for the Disc Information tool. When you go on this it will identify all the open sessions and tracks on the disc and let you finalise them so that the disc can be read on any machine.

  Border View 22:25 04 Sep 2006

Just to let everyone know that I found a computer which had Easy CD Creator 5 installed. Turns out that all I had to do was insert the disc into Drive D and then press eject. The question then popped up whether or not I wished to close the cd in such a way that it could be read on any computer. The answer was yes. Now I am able to access all my backed up data.

Big lesson learned - back up, back up, back up - and make sure you mack up in the correct format.

Thank you everyone for responding and trying to help.

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