anyone use BT Yahoo??

  gudda96 12:22 17 Jan 2005

My friend wants to insert pics into her outgoing e-mails but unlike my Outlook Express, she does not have "insert" on her tool bar.

1)Can she somehow add an insert button to her toolbar.

2)If not, which method do you suggest to add/ionsert pics

her o/s is XP

  ACOLYTE 12:25 17 Jan 2005

Does she have an attach button? or goto file insert from the email?.

  brambles 12:40 17 Jan 2005

gudda96 If your friend is using BT Yahoo Web Mail, and not Outlook Express.

Click Compose to start new email
Type in Subject.
Immediately below the Subject Line is an Attach File button.
Press this and browse in your My Pictures for the jpeg file you wish to send.


  gudda96 13:15 17 Jan 2005

Thanks guys, I will contact her but attaching is not the problem, she wants to be able to "insert" an emoticon or pics say "here" then carry on writing.

  Fellsider 13:22 17 Jan 2005

You can 'create new stationery' for use in e-mails.

In OE select 'Message' form the task bar

then select 'New message using'
and from next menu select 'Select stationery...'

at bottom right of popup box is a tab 'Create new', this gives you a wizard to insert an image.

  brambles 13:45 17 Jan 2005


Refer my previous posting.
On the same bar below Subject & on the same toolbar as Insert File there is a SMILEY
if she clicks on this there are numerous emoticons smiling, grumpy, happy etc. She can click on one of these and it will insert the emoticom at wherever she clicks in her email letter.


  gudda96 16:43 17 Jan 2005

Thanks guys

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