Anyone tried Firefox6? any good differences?

  Muergo 14:51 13 Jul 2011

There's a hush on this forum about Firefox 6Beta, I suppose everyone is still assimilating FF5 to worry about looking for six.

I'm still trying to resolve my missing graphics pictures problem, the PCAdvisor site looks bare on Firefox5 but switch engine to IE9 an presto all the pictures come in.

I think I shall have to do a complete uninstall to resolve it, all the previous suggestions haven't worked.

I had hoped by moving from 4 to 5 would fix it, but that move HAS fixed the constant crashing that afflicted FF4, no problems with FF5.

Looking at the FF6 comments section, It's all full of geeks slating one another off using foul language, no help at all.

  chub_tor 16:20 13 Jul 2011

I'm using it but can't say that I have noticed any difference other than that Colourful Tabs Add On is no longer supported.

  cocteau48 18:01 13 Jul 2011

On my test rig I am using Firefox 5 /Firefox 6 beta 1/ and Firefox Aurora (the pre-beta release of Firefox 7) and outwardly they all look and feel just the same. Apart from compatibility with,as yet to be updated,add-ons I have found no problems with either of the two later versions.

  Muergo 18:48 13 Jul 2011

What's the point of starting up "Aurora" when FF6 isn't launched yet, why not just tweak that instead of starting another, or is it a totally different angle but not so from what you say.

"Get the Kia-Ora Aurora" that takes us back a few years!!

I suppose all the plugin guys are racing to keep up with each issue, FF has now more revisions than Adobe and that takes some beating.

Next, Apple will buy them up, a big Job?

So, shall I chance Firefox6 in case it mihght solve my graphics difficulties, after which, as I said, I must reInstall it.

I'm forced to use IE9 because of these missing images although I prefer Firefox and it's unique addons.

  cocteau48 19:10 13 Jul 2011

"So, shall I chance Firefox6 " .... no need to take any chances. Just install FF6 into its own dedicated folder,alongside FF5,rather than letting it overwrite the existing installation. If you do not like it just uninstall again but be careful not to uninstall your profile with the program.

At least we are getting a sniff of FF6 on the way to FF7. Thunderbird has gone straight from version 3 to 5 ,missing 4 altogether.

  Muergo 00:58 14 Jul 2011

Solved my graphics problem with a total reinstallation but now putting back my addons one by one just in case one of them was the cause so far unidentified, but now I have all fully illustrated FF5 I feel a lot happier, it's strange why so many good additions to Firefox are not offered to IE users, there must be just as big a demand, is it more complicated to devise extras for IE?

I run Thunderbird as a backup for Windows live mail as that program has a habit of losing the odd message, but I prefer the look of it, it seems more spacious than TBird. but I didn't notice the TBird jump from 3 to 5, doesn't seem to have made much difference.

What are the salient improvements from 3 to 5?

  cocteau48 06:54 14 Jul 2011

Changelog for T'Bird 5 :

  • More responsive and faster to start up and use
  • Thunderbird is based on the new Mozilla Gecko 5 engine
  • New Add-ons Manager
  • Revised account creation wizard to improve email setup
  • New Troubleshooting Information page
  • Tabs can now be reordered and dragged to different windows
  • Attachment sizes now displayed along with attachments
  • Plugins can now be loaded in RSS feeds by default
  • There are several theme fixes for Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Support for Mac 32/64 bit Universal builds (Thunderbird will no longer support PowerPC on Mac)
  • Over 390 platform fixes that improve speed, performance, stability and security

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