Anyone see a problem here

  User-312386 02:19 20 Mar 2004

HI all

I have made a site for a friend using FP2003 click here

I can't see a problem with it but a friend sais when he views the text is all mixed up

see screen shots click here
click here 06:50 20 Mar 2004

On the about us page, and the events page you have to scroll sideways. There is also no border at all on the right hand side, the text goes right to the edge.

  Alan-277742 08:45 20 Mar 2004

I had the same problem it turned out to be different versions of Internet Explorer

Braddy 77

  slowhand_1000 11:16 20 Mar 2004

There is duplication of text on the About Us page.

The 2nd paragraph is a duplication of the last 4 lines in the 1st paragraph.

  User-312386 11:24 20 Mar 2004

many thanks, i did not spot that

fourm member

Many thanks for that, i found out that the ADBANNER .GIF would not move after taking out the absolute positioning, so i have moved the ad to the top of the page and have no problems now. It is not the best place to have it but i think the sponsors will be pleased it is there

  User-312386 11:25 20 Mar 2004

I have changed the site now 12:25 20 Mar 2004

goes right up to the right hand edge, with no border at all on the about us page.

  Taran 13:00 20 Mar 2004

Without commenting on the actual content, this is a layout pointer.

Each page is a different width and the banner and scrolling page title text is also set at a slightly different height.

It makes things jump around a bit when you go from page to page and the text body is wider on some pages and narrower on others.

Set up a table to hold the page content and either specify the width in pixels or percent. An 80% table width will always be 80% of the available screen resultion, but if you don't have much text content in a page you can end up with a lot of page space and not much to fill it.

Try setting a 700 pixel wide table [just as an example] for the main page layout, put the site title in the top row of the table, put the scrolling page title text in the second row and the ad banner in the third row. The page body text goes into the fourth row and your navigation links can either stay where they are with the table to their right or you can make a two column table with the nav links in the left hand column.

This will stop everything jumping around when you go from page to page and you can hide the table border so nobody sees it.

Tables are a web designers friend and realy help to control a layout.

In the future I'd suggest making one page with your layout as you want it. Set up the navigation links and everything, then do one of two things: either save it as a template and create new pages from it [all new pages will share the source layout] or save the file using the File, Save as option and rename it to about.htm, services.htm, contact.html and so on to correspond to your hyperlinks.

Using the File, Save as menu option keeps the original file intact and makes an identical copy of it under a new name.

Let's say you were working with a typical site layout which would be along the lines of: Home [index.htm], About Us [about.htm], Our Services [services.htm], Our Products [products.htm], Contact Us [contact.htm].

If you made a set of navigation links on your first page pointing to the above file names, using the File, Save as option would create those files if you renamed them correctly when you save the original.

At the moment you have page56.htm, page57.htm and similar.

Properly named pages can also assist quite dramatically in search engine rankings and in general navigation. If your about us page is called about.htm and has a bunch of keyword metatags all about the site and what it represents, the search engines will love it. A site made up of page56.htm type files will be a bit of a mystery to Google.

If you have any site bigger than half a dozen pages, you'll never manage it effectively using filenames like page56.htm and page57.htm and if, in six months time you are asked to make any changes or alterations to the site, you'll open a copy of the it and sit scratching your head for a few minutes until you get the filenames refreshed in your memory.

You need to control that layout for consistency and you could do worse than adopt a logical and appropriate file name convention to help yourself as the designer and the site when it is published.


  User-312386 09:00 21 Mar 2004

Thanks for that input

I will change the ad banners to not "jump" and also look at table to put everything in.

To be honest i knocked the site up very quickly so my friend could have it up and running as the original one was rather tacky

i will also change the page names as well

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