Anyone running or tried free MS MSE anti virus.

  mooly 13:47 24 Aug 2009

Am giving this a try
click here

I know it's only in beta as yet, wondered if anyone else has any views.

  kdt 15:11 24 Aug 2009

I was under the impression it is not available in UK?

  sonyboy 17:11 24 Aug 2009

According to Microsoft ...this message is presented when a U/K user attempts a beta download from an official Microsoft site !!....
"This beta is available only to customers in the United States, Israel (English only), People's Republic of China (Simplified Chinese only) and Brazil (Brazilian Portuguese only).
Not available in your country or region

You appear to be in a country or region where the Microsoft Security Essentials Beta is unavailable"[END QUOTE]

I think I'll wait a bit longer :).

  mooly 17:17 24 Aug 2009

I'm in the UK... downloaded with no trouble from the link I put in, then updated to latest version which I believe only came out 2 or 3 days ago.

  rawprawn 17:28 24 Aug 2009

I assume this would take the place of a program such as Avast.
I run KIS so I don't want to uninstall that just to test this AV.
However it will be interesting to know how you get on.

  mooly 17:42 24 Aug 2009

I am absolutely fed up with my paid for internet security at the moment. How long have you got,
click here

so I have been looking for alternatives and (due to trying to fix all these problems which I didn't know at the time were caused by FSecure) have carefully built up a new Vista install and have a disc image of it, all updated with the main applications loaded but NO Security.
So have been waiting for this MS offering which doesn't launch for a couple of months yet I believe but stumbled on the link at the top while researching it.
And I'm quite impressed. It's only added 15 seconds to the boot time compared to over a minute for FS.
Am waiting to see if it updates automatically, believe there are 3 update slots a day. It replaces defender and turns that off, and when first installed did a quick scan (about 6 minutes) and then schedules a weekly scan (all configurable). The interface is very like defender but more options of course.
I'll put more links in for interest.

  mooly 17:47 24 Aug 2009
  mfletch 18:17 24 Aug 2009

Ive used it before {also UK} but removed it as it slowed the computer down dramatically.

UK/ can get it through Microsoft connect Dashboard {I had to wait a week to get it} and removed it a week after,

Now testing Panda Cloud {much better}

  mooly 18:47 24 Aug 2009

I wonder if this latest build is different.
I'm actually running a full scan now as I type this, (Vista 2gb RAM on a notebook) and although the CPU useage is high now that it's scanning (60 to 90%, average say 55/60ish) performance seems little affected. I can open documents etc with no real delay. Just tried open Works word processor with CPU at nearly 100% and it opened instantly. Perhaps it integrates well with demands placed on the O/S .... I'm just guessing on that one.
I tried Kaspersky full security last week and that crippled performance when doing a full scan but seemed relatively "light" in normal use, as does this actually. FS was perhaps a little heavy on resources in normal use, OK during a full scan.
It's only when you actually compare for real that you notice.
The appeal of this is that it should be fully compatable with Vista etc and not cause any concerns when it's time to renew etc... removing old products and so on.

  rawprawn 18:51 24 Aug 2009

I get KIS free from Barclays Online as a customer, and I am happy with it.
Still I will follow this thread with interest

  Belatucadrus 20:13 24 Aug 2009

I've been trying it for a couple of weeks now and while the program seems OK with a reasonable RAM footprint, I've found the update signature files to be enormous. Fine if you're on broadband, anybody still on dial up is going to find it takes ages to update. Interesting, but not IMHO as good as avast! and with the new Beta of avast! 5 available, I think the gaps going to get larger.

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