Anyone recommend this CD player?

  Graham ® 20:09 16 Jun 2004

OK, not really PC, should be in ConsumerWatch, but here goes. Is this CD player any good?

  Graham ® 20:10 16 Jun 2004

I suppose it helps if you post a link click here

  Djohn 20:11 16 Jun 2004

Which one! ;o)

  Djohn 20:21 16 Jun 2004

Don't know about the CD player but it should be good at $20,000 I still have my belt driven Linn Sondek turntable with SME arm from 1974, nothing comes close for perfection of sound. :o)

  Graham ® 20:31 16 Jun 2004

Hi, yes they were the innovators in turntable perfection (no connection!). I was prompted by the program on Channel 5, showed a HI-FI system at £100,000!

  Dorsai 20:37 16 Jun 2004

can any cd player be worth $20,000????the cd's you play on it only cost about $1.00 to make....a bit like buying a cinama complex to read comics in i say...

  Graham ® 20:46 16 Jun 2004

what a wonderful comparison.

  niknax 23:33 16 Jun 2004

i would rather pay off my mortgage, with the amount that costs, then keep listening to my michelle deck, playing vinyl!! bliss!!


  Dan the Confused 00:08 17 Jun 2004

It's the kind of thing only rich stupid people would buy. Hence, I have 3 of them.

  OU812 00:23 17 Jun 2004

Hells bells and I thought my CD player cost a lot when I brought it for £400 six years ago.

Still the advice as ever is when you can't hear the difference don't spend anymore and I'll doubt that I'd re-mortgage the house just to get one!!

  hugh-265156 00:23 17 Jun 2004

if you are serious Graham ® and have an extremly high quality pre power amp cables and speakers to match then go for it.

i wouldnt though.

spend £3000 on a nice new seperates system and some quality cables and buy a new car with the change :-)

LP12 rocks though. that i would pay for if i had the dosh.

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