Anyone play Half Life?

  jaybee67 15:46 13 Feb 2003

My version of HL is 1110.

I just tried playing online, but could not connect to any servers. I've tried playing HL, DMC, TFC and Ricochet and no server would accept me.

I ran Sierra Updater, and it says my version of HL is out of date, but there is no update available for download !

Anyone with same problem/solution please?


  Pilch.... 17:27 13 Feb 2003

i had the exact same problem last nite.......

got console kicked on CS, then could get back on.....

Got the same error as well.... :-(

  Pilch.... 12:09 14 Feb 2003


  smcarlsen 12:16 14 Feb 2003

I managed to get an update, I had to download the new sierra update utility from their website. Admittedly, the HL update took some downloading as was 82mb in size, so unless you have adsl, it will take quite a long time to download.
Have you checked you firewalls to see if they are blocking any requests from the HL servers?

  jaybee67 12:18 14 Feb 2003

Thanks for that.

Unfortunately, I dont have CS installed, and from what I remember its a big, big dwnld.

I gotta go out for an hour or so now, so I think I'll set "update servers" running from within HL and see if that helps.

Catch you online later hopefully, and, erm, maybe "frag your ass" as our esteemed American cousins like to say :-)

  jaybee67 12:25 14 Feb 2003

It's a good idea, but when I play HL, the only thing I have running is Explorer, rnaap, Ptsnoop and systray. I am able to dwnld maps from various servers if I dont have them.

This is because I use DUN connection on a 56K V90 internal modem. HL Updater from Sierra Utilities in start menu, does not like my connection with, my ISP, so I have to update by dwnldng patches from HL dedicated sites.

I guess I'll have to keep checkin these sites, unless anyone else comes up with anything.

Thanks again....

  mogwai 12:35 14 Feb 2003

I bought half life about two weeks ago and had to update through sierra updater this is a BIG file and on 156k took a good couple of hours dont know why you cant get through though, you could try gamespy for the update not 100% sure if its on there though, this site has plenty of game servers too, try searching for it on google, . I recommend the Day Of Defeat Mod for HL too ,excellent! Maybe Ill see you on there soon!!!

  Pilch.... 12:35 14 Feb 2003

just checking out half life forum's, see what it brings up

  jaybee67 12:48 14 Feb 2003

lol, how sick was I?

I downloaded DoD and couldnt install it cos of lack of memory. Had to take drastic action and delete it.

I have now rectified that fault and intend to get it again, so I'll definitely see you on there, it looked an excellent mod.

I found a single player one too, called Deliverance which is really good.

Another called Heavily Armed, was quite playable, but the maps were a bit dodgily displayed.

Faves have to be DMC and HL itself, tho I enjoy a game of Ricochet now and again, when my ping is low enuff. Have never had a better ping than 300, even with loads of tweaks done.

See ya online....happy fragging

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