Anyone installed DirectX9 on 98SE?

  PA28 19:26 13 Feb 2003

... if so would be grateful if you could let me know of any problems and performance gain on 8.1. I understand that it works OK on XP (but reports that I have are little noticeable gain) but I am interested in whther it works with 98SE (Geoforce4 MX440 64DDR incidentally). Thanks.

  SDJ 19:46 13 Feb 2003

I had so many problems with xp that I reverted back to 8.1.
You must ensure that your graphics card drivers will support it.
To be honest I dont really see the point of installing it as there arent any games that would benefit from it as yet.

  kuhbler 19:53 13 Feb 2003

I've just put DX9 on my ME machine (basically coz I wanted to run 3d Mark 2003). So far, so good. I haven't noticed anything different to be honest.

I would say leave it. Just thinking about it, I don;t think that Win98 is compatible. Only ME, 2000, XP. I may be wrong though.

  PA28 20:14 13 Feb 2003

SDJ - I think that one of the problems with Nvidia Gforce cards is that they all have a problem with compatibility with DX. Therefore going further may well be chancing my luck. Your comments and experience noted, thanks.

Thanks kuhbler. I have a feeling that 98 is no go with DX9, but wanted to know if anyone has tried it and met with success. If not, I'll leave well alone but guess that this will turn into a MS "compulsory upgrade to XP" with the passage of time!

Any more please anyone?

  bloo meeny 20:53 13 Feb 2003

No problems to report here ......

Windows 98SE + DirectX 9.0 (Radeon 9500 graphics)

  PA28 22:29 13 Feb 2003

Thanks. Now knowing it can be done successfully has really confused me! Did you feel that the upgrade was worth the risk?

  bloo meeny 23:46 13 Feb 2003

Sorry to have confused you further !

Didn't really see it as much of a 'risk' as I've never had a problem with DirectX in the past.
Maybe I've just been lucky :)

I installed it so I could run 3DMark2003.

  Ironman556 00:04 14 Feb 2003

DX 9 with a Radeon is ok.

I'm sticking to 8.1 with my Geforce 4, until it's confirmed that there are no problems with 98SE, or I have to upgrade to DX 9 I'm leaving alone. Are there any tools for removing DX 9 out yet? If not, I'd say it's anotehr reason to leave alone.

  penny 00:08 14 Feb 2003

Ditto, Win98 with DX9, Voodoo card no probs.

  PA28 21:49 17 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone. I'm taking the chicken route for now and sticking with 8.1 on my Geoforce. There appear to be some risks in taking this up and no-one has shouted from the rooftops about how much better DX9 is... have they?

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