Anyone having trouble with NTL BB?

  Andybear 07:51 12 Apr 2004

I'm on NTL 600 BB. For the last week or so I've had a loss of service - ie, haven't been able to access the web and the email has been down - at some point every day. Usually it's just for a few minutes but last Friday it was for most of the afternoon. I live in North Hertfordshire. Has anyone else been experiencing similar problems? If not then I'll give NTL a call. Many thanks.

  AndySD 08:02 12 Apr 2004

click here the date they were Resolved may not be the date they were posted. If you are not there then contact them.

  Andybear 08:05 12 Apr 2004

Thanks AndySD. I have already checked there - it's always the first thing I do when the service is back up and running after an outage -and I'm not in the areas mentioned. I'll give them a call.

  howard60 08:14 12 Apr 2004

I am on NTL 600 in Ilford and I may well regret saying this but it has been very good for the last 3 months with no outages at all.

  mobileman1953 09:16 12 Apr 2004

ntl teesside no problems with 150k broadband

I live in the Bromley area and I hate to say this but my NTL 600k broadband has been ok ever since I had it installed, apart from the email playing up quite alot recently.

  justin37 10:00 12 Apr 2004

Same goes for me NTL 1mb in Brighton, been excellent for the last 18 months,no problems.

  billyliv 10:07 12 Apr 2004

Hi, Coventry area, no problems. Bill

  Andybear 10:13 12 Apr 2004

It looks as if it's a problem at my end. I'll give NTL a call.

  Andybear 10:24 12 Apr 2004

I've just rung NTL and there is a problem in my area, which they're trying to resolve. At least it's not my PC! Thanks for your responses as always - much appreciated.

  sorceror7374 10:28 12 Apr 2004

If your broadband is connected through the TV set top box rather than a stand alone modem then it could simply be the set top box itself. In that case just reboot the set top box and that should sort it out. I go through phases every once in a while where I'm rebooting the box every day or 2 and then other times it's fine for weeks or months on end. One of NTL's service men who had to replace my box a week or 2 after it was installed told me himself that the weakest link in the NTL chain was the set top box. He said there's all kinds of different problems with them!

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