Anyone having hotmail logout probs?

  gazmix 11:16 06 Oct 2009


When i logout of hotmail & it diverts me to msn homepage, i get the page split in 2, the top half is orange & i get the 'firefox has encountered a problem & needs to close', send or don't send a report!

Has anyone else had this today? & any ideas on what it could be?


  birdface 11:43 06 Oct 2009

Maybe everyone changing their passwords due to the recent Hotmail scare.Mind you I just changed mine with no problem

  gazmix 11:47 06 Oct 2009

i posted about that on the speakers corner area, its only addresses beginning A & B isn't it?. Is there a way of telling if you been hacked? & how do you change password?

  gazmix 12:25 06 Oct 2009

The issue only happens in Firefox, not Internet Explorer!

Is there any way of telling if its been hacked? or would i know if i filled out any illegit forms?

  birdface 12:29 06 Oct 2009

So far it is only A-B but nobody seems to know if they have the rest or not.So maybe better not taking any chances.
I did it through Windows messenger.Sign in with a different ID.Forgot your password.And I followed instructions to change my password.
There has to be an easier way to do it.But that is the way i did it.

  birdface 12:33 06 Oct 2009

Over 400 million Hotmail users so the chancer of you being hacked I would say would be slim.But you never know.

  gazmix 12:38 06 Oct 2009

i can sign in with my same email address (which i want to keep), then just use the option to change password? i didn't understand what meant by different id as i only have 1, my hotmail address! will that change password for hotmail too?

  birdface 12:42 06 Oct 2009

I have only changed my password.I suppose that you could change your e-mail address as well but I am not that sure we have to go that far.Maybe someone can enlighten us as what is best to do.

  gazmix 12:56 06 Oct 2009

Yeh, sorry, i thought you added a new user ID.

I'm still having the logout problem in firefox, but not in IE.
The msn page doesn't load up & i get the encountered an error & do i want to send a report!!

Does anyone use FF & can see if they are having the same issues?


  gazmix 13:53 06 Oct 2009

Hi Marg
No, no other problems, hotmail was ok last night, just today.
I'm not using FF3 as i don't like it, i'm using

  Ventad 13:56 06 Oct 2009

sign in with different ID is incase others using the computer want to sign into there account.

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