Anyone had this call, from Microsoft?

  Sapins 15:28 09 Apr 2012

Just spoke to my sister-in-law in the UK who had a call from Microsoft! They said her computer had gone down and they would fix it, by coincidence her computer switched itself off just before the call!, when she asked if she was paying for this call she was transferred to another person who said yes she would have to pay so she put the phone down. A friend of hers had the same call saying she had too many icons on the computer, but, the best one of all was they they phoned another sister-in-law who doesn't even have a computer! I am just curious to know how this scam works or if anyone else has had a similar call.

  tullie 15:37 09 Apr 2012

This is a very well known scam to try and seperate people from their money

  Batch 15:38 09 Apr 2012

It is a scam (just google "microsoft telephone scam" and you'll see. Just tell them you don't have a computer and put the phone down.

  rdave13 15:44 09 Apr 2012

Microsoft don't 'cold' call people. I've has two similar calls from 'technicians' supposedly working for Microsoft.

  audeal 15:55 09 Apr 2012

My girlfriend had a call from BT the other day to tell her that her internet keeps dropping and they can help her solve it, but thankfully she just hung up. It just happenes that she is with BT and was having this problem.

  iscanut 16:05 09 Apr 2012

Threre have been many posting in the past about this sort of scam. Do not have anything to do with the caller and just ring off.

  Sapins 17:13 09 Apr 2012

Thank you everybody, you have confirmed my thinking it was a scam.

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