Anyone got a Samsung SM2494HM Screen?

  Audio~~Chip 21:32 02 Oct 2009

Bought 2 of these new from ebuyer and both seem to have a power related issue. I did last night manage to power one on and again this morning but left it in standby and the power has gone totally.

Ok, disconected Power cord,re-connected and power on the machine. Blue light on the front very quickly blinks and pressing the touch sensitive power button still no power on.

The manual I downloaded says "This monitor has a built-in power management system called PowerSaver. This system saves
energy by switching your monitor to low-power mode when it has not been used for a certain
amount of time. The monitor automatically returns to normal operation when you press a key
on the keyboard. For energy conservation, turn your monitor OFF when it is not needed, or
when leaving it unattended for long periods. The PowerSaver system operates with a VESA
DPM compliant video card installed in your computer. Use the software utility installed on
your computer to set up this feature."

My machine has WinXP Pro, Samsung driver installed and a nVidia 256MB 7900GT about 3-4 yrs old. Does anyone know if I am missing something stupid in this instruction from the manual or are they 2 defunct screens?

  [email protected] 22:20 02 Oct 2009

if the monitor is not being waken i hope you are not using 190/1 ??? drivers they seem to force the edid file on samsung screens. could try vga connectors, sorry if i misunderstood your problem. there doesnt seem to be a resolution for this as yet.
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  Audio~~Chip 22:55 02 Oct 2009

Interesting and a possibilty but my Driver is which is v185.85 the amount of times I have tried it total of 3 times on each screen. I box them up then think about trying another idea. their only about 4 days old. Will call Ebuyer for a RMA. But thanks adman 2, I carn't mess around with them as I work for myself as time is money.

  [email protected] 23:04 02 Oct 2009

no problem, it wouldnt be that problem with 185 driver, i think you right, send them back.

  Audio~~Chip 00:29 03 Oct 2009

the last few weeks from Ebuyer, not blaming ebuyer but blame City Link. The other thing was the screens came from Ebuyers distributer another company not a Ebuyer W/house.

Seems strange 2 screens faulty, will call them Sat.

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