Anyone got Freeuk Broadband?

  Tecno Dan 19:27 14 Mar 2003

hello, I am looking for Broadband ISPs which are at a reasonable price per month and are a good reliable service. I have found freeuk and wondered what people make of them.

click here

I used them as a dial up service a few years ago and found them to be a good service. But as the contract is for 12 months I want to make the right choice.

Anyone on freeuk? What do you think?

Any recommendations of other good ISP's would be most welcome.



  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:55 14 Mar 2003
  he he :-)™ 21:03 14 Mar 2003

I got an email from them saying that I am going to get free bb but i've not got it yet. And by the way does this belong in the helproom?

  he he :-)™ 21:05 14 Mar 2003

oh yeah I forgot to say from any1 else got this email?

  Djohn 21:12 14 Mar 2003

Tecno Dan, like you I was on Freeuk dial-up, PAYG, for quite a while, and only changed because they did not offer a monthly flat fee account.

If their B/B is as good as the dial up was, then I would recommend them every-time. J.

  Tecno Dan 21:13 14 Mar 2003

thanks guys, any one got experiance of Freeuk with regards to broadband?

one thing i read says that you cant use msn messenger with a router, this cant be true can it?

yeh ur right he he :-)™ i should have posted this in the consumer watch room. I'll remeber for next time :)



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