Anyone got a Dell Ultrasharp 2408 Monitor

  gazcoyle 09:05 17 Apr 2008

Im a semi pro photographer and have finally made the leap from trusty old CRT to LCD for my monitor usage.

However i have tried several monitors including a 20 inch Dell widescreen and currently own a 22 inch Acer digital input model and none of these even when calibrated come close to giving the quality of my very old and missed 17 inch bog standard CRT

Lcds seem overblow whites and if the white point is reduced then everything else looks muted

Im now looking at investing over £400 on a new Dell 24 inch Ultrasharp 2408 model, will i be wasting my money or will i be able to get anything like the colour consistency of my old CRT

Have any of you guys own this model and what are your thoughts

  Fingees 15:06 17 Apr 2008

When comparing, don't just compare how your pctures looked on your CRT monitor, but rather how they look compared to what you actually get when you print.

It's surprising how your eyes can get used to a particular monitor and can sometimes fool you.

  gazcoyle 18:23 17 Apr 2008

My prints are perfect wether i print them at home or via the online labs i use, with my CRT what i saw in the final print is what i exactly what i saw on my monitor, the same cant be said of the LCD'S Ive owned even when calibrated

i was wondering if a more expensive monitor like the Dell 2408 would be any better

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