Anyone got a better way to print single labels?

  setecio 16:50 03 Sep 2007

I use A4 labels, position the label and put the A4 sheet through to print a single label ... the sheet doesn't always last 24 (or less) times through the printer.

Does anyone have a better way of printing sinle address labels, one at a time ? (one today, 3 in 2 days time, one the day after ... etc etc ... as needed)

  holme 17:35 03 Sep 2007

You don't say why the sheet "doesn't always last" but re-using a 24-label sheet, singly, is maybe asking a lot.

If it's getting scrunched up, your software /may/ allow you to 'rotate' the sheet through 180 degrees, so that you can feed the unused end into the printer first. It will then print the label(s) 'upside down' so that they come out the right way up - if you see what I mean..!

If you're using a laser printer, you might be able to select 'economy mode' or similar. This notioceably reduces toner 'splatter' onto unused labels.

We use 16-label sheets for single-print labels but, to be honest, we usually scrap it after 12 or so. HTH.

  Diemmess 17:37 03 Sep 2007

[I use A4 labels]
Do you mean an A4 sheet with 24 peel-off labels?

I have no simple answer for the occasional print, unless you can use plain paper cut out the label and fix it with any handy adhesive.

I would be a mite concerned abour having to clear a label from the most intimate places in the printer if you keep trying your luck by repeated passes of the same sheet.

I'll bet someone somewhere has a good answer for you, but it will most likely be some dedicated software

  wee eddie 18:22 03 Sep 2007

I think within Word.

My Accountant's Receptionist explained it to me but I cannot remember what was involved.

I seem to remember having to define which parts of the Sheet were already used. Maybe someone, regularly doing Secretarial work, would be able to help

  holme 18:29 03 Sep 2007

Picking up Diemmess's very valid point about the risk of sticky labels coming adrift within the printer's intimate innards, we use only Avery's (quote) "Guaranteed Jam Free" laser labels and (touch wood) have never had probs /provided/ we use the "rotate print" method described above.

But I wouldn't want to risk it with cheapo labels, and certainly not up to 24 times.

  €dstowe 18:50 03 Sep 2007
  Daiol 19:09 03 Sep 2007

Have a look here it works fine for me you can choose which label you print on. ::click here

  woodchip 19:20 03 Sep 2007

I always print the last on the page if I only want one, I work up the page not down it. It then as paper to feed into printer

  setecio 19:30 03 Sep 2007

Thanks all ... and good tip Woodchip ... that might solve the problem.

  Curio 19:49 03 Sep 2007

Bought one of these because of all the hassle I had with pages of labels. Works for me :>).

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