Anyone got any experience of taking a laptop apart

  ynohtna 09:18 12 Jul 2007

Hi, as per my previous post reagrding the slow running / shutting down of my laptop, it was decided a good clean was in order. I unscrewed all the screws on the laptop (Acer Apsire 1605lc) and the base unfastened all the was around except for the rear (under where the screen attaches)i simply could not remove the 'shell' so i could get at the innards.. i couldnt see any obvious clips holding it in place, all of the screws were definately removed (including those on the screen)... any thoughts...

  spuds 10:07 12 Jul 2007

Not tried this myself, and like yourself would be interested in hearing solutions from an 'expert'. In the meantime, have you thought or tried a Google search, there must be something informative out there?.

  crosstrainer 10:48 12 Jul 2007

This is an older model, so I reccommend extreme caution, but if I remember correctly, the unit will only open with the screen folded down.

MOST IMPORTANT: Also, there is a thin, conductive membrane running all the way around the edges of the two halves...take great care not to damamge it, or the laptop will not boot-up on re-assembly....really and truly, they are not user friendly things to take to bits. Good luck.

  tullie 10:56 12 Jul 2007

Took off a small cover on mine,cant remember which.This revealed the fans,which was where the dirt was,i had no need to take machine apart.

  Totally-braindead 11:32 12 Jul 2007

Dismantled one once, took me three days to put it together again, will not be attempting it again would rather pay for a laptop expert to handle it.

  crosstrainer 11:35 12 Jul 2007

That is the best option, most of ours go back to the factory anyway....I will install memory, upgrade hdds, replace DVDRW's but that is about it...Compaq's are even worse, and require a special set of tools to access.

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