Anyone good experiances of Dell,MESH & their PC's?

  FatboySlim71 08:17 28 Jan 2008

I am thinking of purchasing a new PC. On looking around I have come to the conclusion that their is only really two choices, one been MESH and the other been Dell, as these two allow a fair bit of customisation and they seem to be a decent price as well.

I presently own an Evesham PC, which has been excellent. If it had not been for Evesham's recent events and also I read that they are in a similar/same situation againclick here
then I would have had no hesitation to get my next one from them.

I know there is many post on here regarding bad experiences with DELL, Mesh, but you don't tend to hear of the good experiences very much, and I was wondering if anyone has had any good experiences with either Dell or Mesh. I just cannot decide between Dell or Mesh, ARRRRRRR.

  Hayrick 08:52 28 Jan 2008

Almost 6 years ago I took delivery of my Mesh. Towards the end of the first year the processor fan failed resulting in a fried processor and mother board. The on site warranty produced an engineer with fan and processor and discovered the failed mother board. Mesh asked for the computer to be returned. The necessary stickers arrived and back it went. In a couple of days I had a phone call explaining that the MB was difficult to get and would I accept an upgrade to a different MB and a faster processor at cost rather than waiting. The computer was back in a week and has performed immaculately since. I really can’t fault the service I received. I will be replacing my computer with another Mesh, ordering this week. My daughter and partner have 3 Mesh and my granddaughter has one. All of these have been very satisfactory.

  Darth_chaffinch 09:00 28 Jan 2008

I've had a bog-standard Dell 5150 for ~2 yrs, have been very happy with it, with no problems what so ever. I use it for interweb, online gaming, photo-editing, and basic Office stuff. I would advise getting at least 2Gb RAM and forget all the offerred firewall/anti-virus software on offer - they are pretty useless (as I found out several times before getting much better free ones!). The only reason I'm aware of to avoid Dell is if you want to seriously mod your PC.
Hope this helps.

  anskyber 09:15 28 Jan 2008

Bad experiences with Dell? I have not seen many here, quite something when you think of the number of machines they sell worldwide.

I have a Dell of some 2 years now without a hardware hitch, I know of several in my wider family with the same experience.

  rickd 09:36 28 Jan 2008

I've got 2 MESH PC's. Over the past 18 months, one has had its share of problems (dead MB, dead HD, inexplicable loss of OS), but the other has been fine. MESH has always been very helpful in sorting out problems, on one occasion replacing the MB and fully retesting when sent "back to base", on the other sending out an engineer to replace an HD and OS, and been helpful on the phone. There has been no charge for any of this. The non-UK call centre was sometimes a bit of a pain to make yourself understood, but I think there's now a UK based one which is better, as is talking to MESH direct in London.
The individual components in my MESH's are all top quality brands, rather than cheaper ones other makers seem to use (Dell??)to keep costs down. To me the main difference is between buying a "mass produced" PC and a "hand built" one. The tried and tested Dell probably won't go wrong (as they make so many most of the hardware problems have now hopefully been ironed out), but when it does, a cheap component will fully fail and because of the size of the company, it could be a pain to fix. The MESH might let you down, but it will be fixed. With a MESH you can also specify exactly what you want at the build, and they are helpful when you want to upgrade.
So, despite some problems, I think my next PC (like my last) will be a MESH, but make sure you have the full warranty.

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