anyone on freeserve /orange/ wanadoo;info for u

  p;3 20:54 06 Apr 2007

seems there is a huge problem with freeserve/wannadoo/orange at present ; orange are apparently dismissing/denying or whatever any problems but servers seem to be off line or playing up big time; various threads I am following elsewhere and here are asking if OE should be reinstalled or repaired; that apparently will not resolve the issue , which seems to be a server issue and NOT the email client ; if you are on any of them you may have had an e mail on your server which you really cannot download as you cannot get OE to log into your server;

a comment on the orange help site says they MIGHT be trying to sort this by after the long week end

I will duplicate this in the helproom section also

  anskyber 22:01 06 Apr 2007

Which is why I left them a year ago. Good luck if you are still on Orange.

  chocolate cake 22:56 06 Apr 2007

I've left them too around the same time. Customer support is dreadful at the best of times.

  p;3 19:19 13 Apr 2007

this issue is seemingly still ongoing if you are affected:))

  STREETWORK 22:27 13 Apr 2007

I often have to check my Orange webmail for emails not received, and lo, they are there stuck in the Orange server, sometimes for 3 days. Orange deny a problem, but my extensive IT Department confirm that this is the case, an Orange problem...

  p;3 22:31 13 Apr 2007

from what i can gather , there is an extensive 'problem' WITH orange ; but they seem to wish to be in denial of it

  richie kitch 13:29 14 Apr 2007

I left Wanadoo in January because of problems and the cost/speed. Customer service were not interested until after I had I left then they phoned me saying that they could do a good deal for me. I told them the stable door was open and the horse had bolted, but not quite so politely. However out of the pan and into the fire with Pipex what a disaster that has proved to be!!!! See the post in Consumer watch under Pipex homecall.

  Watchful 21:05 14 Apr 2007

I am with Orange and have had one or two disconnection problems but no trouble receiving e-mails in OE.
It has eased up after a call to the helpline.

  johndrew 17:00 15 Apr 2007

I have been with Wanadoo (now Orange) since getting may first (this) PC. I started with a dial up connection and progressed to the (slow and expensive) 2GB monthly limit at £17.99 and now for a faster and cheaper 2GB monthly limit at £14.99.

There have been odd difficulties - whether BT or Wanadoo/Orange I don`t know for certain but generally the service has been OK. Having said that I get relatively few e-mails (including SPAM) and most of my usage is this site and browsing.

I feel reasonably happy with the ISP but still wonder if the usage I have could be provided cheaper - this is my only major (if indeed it is) concern.

  acxxxx 23:54 17 Apr 2007

yes i've also had (minor) problems connecting to Orange recently (server did not respond in time e.t.c and today asdl light on the speedtouch modem flashing (could not connect)(error message: no dial tone) but all worked a couple of hours before and later. Seems to be worse in the busy periods.

  Watchful 07:40 18 Apr 2007

Yes, that's exactly how it became after the February upgrade, especially at peak times, but it is much better at the moment.

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