anyone experiencing java 7 problems?

  johnnyrocker 21:36 12 Mar 2014

i would be interested in finding out if possible how big an issue it might be with java,


  northumbria61 11:48 13 Mar 2014

It would probably help if you gave more information about what problems you are experiencing and Windows version you are using.

  rdave13 12:24 13 Mar 2014

If you're thinking about the security issues (same as Adobe and Windows) then this article is worth a read. Tips on how to use Java at the bottom. click 'ere.

  Pine Man 12:32 13 Mar 2014

I removed Java well over a year ago and, so far, no programs or web sites that I use have failed to work.

If you are concerned about Java try removing it and seeing what happens.

  rdave13 12:43 13 Mar 2014

Pine Man, some online games require it and I thought the tip on using two browsers was good. IE for surfing etc without Java and , say, Firefox for online gaming that requires Java.

Like yourself dumped Java a long time ago but some sites require it for auto updating. Nvidia drivers for instance and some real-time weather programs are two I know of.

  Pine Man 15:52 13 Mar 2014

I am not involved in any online gaming so that wouldn't have caused an issue. Also, although my graphics card has nVidia drivers,I update them manually.

I use firefox mainly but, when I cannot access this site in firefox, I use ie and connect immediately - I know it doesn't make sense but it never fails!?

  johnnyrocker 18:45 13 Mar 2014

just to answer a couple of queries above. win xp pro, java required for yahoo games which at present i cannot play because of this issue


  rdave13 19:07 13 Mar 2014

There's a link to completely remove Java run time. click here that and reboot.

Go to Verify Java link and it will, or should, lead to your OSs latest version.


  rdave13 19:19 13 Mar 2014

Something wrong with PCA's reply format. Time and again the word preceding the link, even with a single space, is then thrown to the bottom of the post.

  johnnyrocker 20:10 13 Mar 2014

rdave13. tried your suggestion before posting but thanks.


  rdave13 20:33 13 Mar 2014

Try another browser.

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