Anyone Experienced In Databases?

  Daz35 23:43 04 May 2004

I have been compiling and writing quiz questions for about 12 years and up until about 3 years ago was still writing them by hand. The last few years I have been using word to save them all, but now would like to compile a large database with them all in. I have Access on my PC, which I confess I've never used and having looked into it, looks rather complicated. Any suggestions would be welcome. (XP Pro/Home 512 ram P4 2.6G)

  johnnyrocker 23:46 04 May 2004

if you have a cd writer you could transfer all the data to a cd in multisession form and add to as and when required, hope this helps.


  Daz35 23:53 04 May 2004

I was really looking for something that had the facility to print off random questions from the database and that could catergorise the questions and answers.And also I have an extremely large file (physical) full of questions that need to be typed into something.It's a few years work, but I need to start soon! Thanks for your interest.

  johnnyrocker 23:58 04 May 2004

sorry i misunderstood the depth of your query, can i take it tat you do not wish to put it all on some form of removeable device


  Daz35 00:05 05 May 2004

No, the thousands of questions I have are already backed up on 2 external drives. I just want to make them more accessable. (I already run quiz leagues and send out questions, but this is all done in Word format and each quiz is written individually by me. I'm looking for a way to 'streamline' my business somewhat! (So this will save me hours of researching the same questions ansd answers - once they're on some kind of database)

  Dragon Heart 00:23 05 May 2004

You may find something you can use in the Templates area !

The most important thing to do prior to starting your database is the categories you place both the questions and answers in. Some may have multiple categories like "What is the chemical symbol for lead ?" eg Metal, Chemical, Science etc.

This site may help click here

You have a long job ahead of you, good luck

  Daz35 00:46 05 May 2004

I'll check out that link tomorrow - it looks rather long winded! I suppose I thought there might be a simple solution to this, but it's looking increasingly unlikely. I'll have to try and get my head round Access.
By the way "What is the chemical symbol for lead ?" eg Metal, Chemical, Science etc.
None of the above - Pb (lol!)
Thanks for the link.

  Chris the Ancient 08:53 05 May 2004

For a beginner, the very easiest book to start with Access is the Dummies Guide.

Have a read in the bookshop/library and see if it helps.

Databases CAN be awkward, but your need seems to be quite reasonable and not too difficult to run as a database.

  Daz35 09:34 05 May 2004

I've been looking at the Dummies guide and might have to go in that direction. I just thought there might be something a bit more tailor made on the market.

  Stormpool 10:09 05 May 2004

I'm at work, not got access on this machine.

From what I've read, there may be a downloadable access database on this website.

Something you could get an idea from?

sorry if it's no good..

  duckers 10:15 05 May 2004

In terms of databases this is NOT that complicated,,(well depending how far you want to take it)
Basically a database is a collection of related data split into seperate tables.
If all you want is a simple database with questions and answers you need not go to the lengths of having loads of cataegorized tables, a single table will do the job.

Start Access, create a new database, create a new table, add an ID field of type Autonumber (to make each row unique, this is a general requirement of databases) while this row is highlighted look for a key symbol on the access tool bar, this makes the field a 'primary key' that all data in a single row can be identified with, add a question field of type 'text', an answer field of type 'text', add a date field to record the date the question was last used, and that would be enough.

To sort the table click the column you want to sort by, eg the last used date, filters can also be applied to 'thin out' the data, but this can be tricky if youve no experience.

Databases can be complicated animals but if all you want is a simple tool that can be searched and sorted what is described above will do the trick without you needing to be a computer scientist to work out whats going on.

Dont buy a book, theres plenty of stuff on the internet about making databases and MS Access...

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