Anyone else have 2 to 5 hrs delay with TT Email?

  six-h 20:11 20 Sep 2007

I know the digital revolution has made us all more impatient, but I can't understand why my TalkTalk Emails take sooo long to reach me.
Is it just mine?
Why should there be such a delay?

  csqwared 20:20 20 Sep 2007

Can't really answer the question but I was wondering the same thing myself, though compared to you, my half-hour wait don't seem too bad. I'm about to e-mail them and ask - have you tried that?


  six-h 20:39 20 Sep 2007

Not tried emailing them yet.
My eyes tend to glaze over as soon as I start to read their carefully scripted responses!!

It is very anoying, especially if, as I was, you are attempting to fix a HJT log, and waiting on email responses back and forth.

I hasten to add, that I was on the receiving end of the clever stuff! I am not capable of making sense of them!!

  csqwared 20:49 20 Sep 2007

Just sent them an e-mail making the query. Five hours there, day to think about it, five hours back - should get a reply Sunday. If I do, and it makes sense, I'll post back. (and good look with HJT, don't know how those folk do it!!)


  guesswho2 21:00 20 Sep 2007

I agree that TalkTalk-Thunderbird e-mails qualify for snail mail. I'm retired so in the fortunate position that I seldom now need answers quickly so I can put up with it. Last night though, when I was investigating a problem on this Forum, it was a nuisance.

  cocteau48 21:07 20 Sep 2007

TT are obviously having a problem with their webmail server. I am sure they will get their act together ASAP. Normally a test email to myself will come back to me in the time that it takes to hit the "Get Mail"

It's a TalkTalk problem absolutely nothing to do with Thunderbird.

  six-h 21:31 20 Sep 2007

Might sound churlish, but I'm glad it's not just me!
If it was, there would be little likelyhood of a fix, but your explanation gives rise for hope of improvement.
It is annoying though, when you're waiting for responses.

  guesswho2 22:23 20 Sep 2007

OK cocteau48, point taken.
Just for interest, I sent myself an e-mail at 21.44. It's now 22.22 and it hasn't appeared!

  six-h 22:37 20 Sep 2007

Perhaps you were not in when it was delivered:)
(I get that a lot with Royal Mail.)

  cocteau48 22:50 20 Sep 2007

TT went through a bad patch with their webmail server ,I think around this time last year, and at that time the service was down for a couple of days at a time,but not everybody was affected - some areas got service as usual.
What is also puzzling is that if you check the TT service status page:
click here
all their mail servers are shown as up and running OK.
Also last time they got round to posting an explanation/apology on their webmail page.
It is certainly not churlish to know it's not just you. Last year I would spend hours tinkering with settings before I discovered that I was not the only one affected. On that score it is at least reassuring.
Indeed I sent myself a test email at 20.50 and it has not yet arrived.
Lets hope things are back to normal by the morning.

  six-h 22:57 20 Sep 2007

have a look at my posting here: -
click here
I keep bumping it, but still no takers.
Perhaps your joint intelects can solve the problem for me:)

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