Anyone buy the GERICOM Smart Power from ALDI?

  Gaz 25 16:46 27 Feb 2004

What do you think?

Just something odd though, I have never seen the charging light light up red like it says, it lights up amber and green only. Flashes amber when charging.

Is this the same on yours?

Also, the HDD rattles mad? LOL

And that fan is loud and goes on and off?

When charging the battery emmits a strange sound, not loud though?

Ughhh? Is this laptop normal?

Sorry, I am obsessed with sounds, its not quiet like my last laptop. :-(


  Gaz 25 16:56 27 Feb 2004

Surely someones bought it? LOL

  thisisnighthawk 16:57 27 Feb 2004

maybe not.......

  gingernick 17:03 27 Feb 2004

I have, mine doesn't glow red either. No other problems, though when I put a dvd in (2 different ones) to test it, the speakers aren't up to much. Got them on full volume. Thinking of buying some Creative SBS 250's or 270's.

  Gaz 25 17:06 27 Feb 2004

Is the HDD a little rattly?

I know the speakers are rubbish,. but so are all laptop speakers.

And does a fan go on and off on yours?

  whatsupdoc 17:11 27 Feb 2004

have mine here waiting for me. will start unpacking when ive had a large drink.

  Gaz 25 17:14 27 Feb 2004


Please tell me the answer to the above questions please?

Thanks. Of course after you have had a xdrink/

  Gaz 25 17:16 27 Feb 2004

Just read a not on the laptop, please place the laptop on a secure hard surface such as a desk.


So much for LAP - TOP. eh?

  Gaz 25 17:32 27 Feb 2004

any more info?

  whatsupdoc 21:14 27 Feb 2004

to unpacking it. if i put it on a rug it makes rattling noises but on a table its perfectly quite.
im really impressed with everything except speakers so ill go to pcw tommorow (i'll risk pcw its only 20-30 pounds)its a little heavy but i think its pretty good value

  Gaz 25 21:32 27 Feb 2004


Just wait, to say the HDD does not make a single sound at all?

You cannot hear anything from the HDD?

Thats ODD.

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