Anyone on BT dialup?

  Storik 15:27 20 Feb 2005

My home page has changed suddenly from this morning. All my bookmarked sites have disappeared and my "favourites" are now linked to

Has anyone else experienced this change?


  Mark10 17:54 20 Feb 2005


Ive been on this morning and mine is unchanged. You may have caught something.

  iarno 18:55 20 Feb 2005

get startpage guard from click here its very good and free.


  Storik 22:42 20 Feb 2005

Mark 10 & iarno. Things were fine this morning. Accessed the internet as usual because my husband wanted to use it, but unfortunately, he keeps pressing buttons he shouldn't! Oh well.

My Spy Sweeper has found the cause - I think!

Mind, I have also had an automatic update from Microsoft, so he might not be to blame.

I've already got Norton Internet 2005 and Spy Sweeper protecting the computer.

Thanks again!


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