Anyone any good at networking Sony PSP?

  Aargh 18:34 18 Apr 2006

My lad wants to play multiplayer games on his PSP.I have created a network conection and can connect to the web fine.

The router is configured to accept the device and eveything is normal.


When you want to multiplay in infrastructure mode (ie online), the damned PSP wont let me choose my connection. I have tried to create a new connection from within the game (Fifa 06), but when I enter all my connection settings, the pSP wont let me enter my WPAPSK The option is there but wont open)- it seems to offer either no security or WEP.

Do I have to reduce my network security to WEP to game online with a PSP or is there something else I should know? Perhaps I am just too old!

  Aargh 09:32 19 Apr 2006


  Danoh 21:35 19 Apr 2006

Sorry, we don't have a PSP.

However, I understand that gaming platforms also can't live all that happily with firewalls, anti-virus, etc., never mind data traffic encryption be it WPA-PSK or WEP.

Which is why many routers have a function to set one of the ethernet ports as being in the DMZ (de-militarised zone).
The PC or gaming platform attached to that is isolated from your WAN network and is connected directly to the internet, bypassing the router's firewall as well.

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