AnyDVD and copy protection ...

  Florio 20:51 06 Nov 2007

I have a few BBC DVDs that will not play on my PC because they are copy protected -- an absurd situation given that I do not have a DVD burner but only one for CDs. From what I've been reading, AnyDVD is a good way of getting around this problem, although I'm not sure it's worth investing in if I only want to watch these films (and not copy them).
I was wondering whether there is any other way to enable the vision of copy protected DVDs on a PC and, if not, whether AnyDVD physically alters the actual disc in any way or just allows you to watch the DVD while it's in your computer.

  [email protected] 20:56 06 Nov 2007

copy protection shouldnt effect playing dvds,have you got a codec pack.Try the full pack if its a rare codec.
click here
anydvd wouldnt be worth the investment,it must be something else affecting the playback.

  johnnyrocker 20:59 06 Nov 2007

try click here


  Florio 21:13 06 Nov 2007

Thanks for your replies, guys.
Yesterday I actually installed both the klite codec pack and the vlc player, but the DVDs in question still wouldn't play. When I eventually realised that the discs were copy protected (since other non-protected discs were playing okay), I uninstalled the programs I'd earlier downloaded.

  g0nvs 21:31 06 Nov 2007

This free program should work fine for you.

click here

  Florio 22:36 06 Nov 2007

Many thanks g0nvs. I've installed the program, and will try it out tomorrow. Since I haven't got a DVD burner, I'll have to copy the films to the hard disk and view them from there.
I suspect, however, that I may not even get that far. I fear that when I place these DVDs in the drive, the computer will not recogise them and tell me to insert a disc...
I'll keep you informed.

  eedcam 23:09 06 Nov 2007

Dont spend money on any dvd (you can try it free)
But as said if you cant watch the dvd's its nowt to do with copywrite and if vlc wont play them you have some other problem. Any dvd does not alter the disc just removes the protection. Which bbc discs are you trying to view?

  Florio 07:10 07 Nov 2007

Some Britcoms ...
Let Them Eat Cake, and the complete Mr Bean (which I've just realised isn't actually BBC but Tiger Productions).

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