Anybody know anything about Word 2000

  misters 15:08 08 Mar 2003

I inserted a pic in my word document, the problem is when i try to drag the pic to the top right hand corner of the document, it refuses by jumping back to the original place i inserted it.
Anyone know how i can get around this?
thanx in advance.

  -pops- 15:12 08 Mar 2003

Choose the insertion point before you place the picture.


  huzzar 15:42 08 Mar 2003

put a text box on the page - click inside it and insert your picture then with the text box selected go to 'Format' - 'Text Box...' select the 'Layout' tab and select 'Square' then move the picture where you want to.

  recap 15:48 08 Mar 2003

You should just be able to right click the picture, choose Format picture/Layout, select any of the option like 'Square' as sugested above. This will then allow you to move the picture anywhere on the document. You will also be able to resize the picture much easier. Always grab the corner of the picture when resizing as this will keep it in proportion.

  misters 15:50 08 Mar 2003

Cheers huzzar that did the trick.

  [email protected] 15:51 08 Mar 2003

Right click on the picture and go to format picture, choose Layout and pick the "Behind Text" box. You can pretty much put the box any where then using other the space key or dragging and dropping with the cursor.

  huzzar 15:52 08 Mar 2003

Get rid of the picture (text box) border while you in there choose 'no lines' it looks better.

  misters 15:53 08 Mar 2003

Sorry never got a chance to type in thank you's all round both suggestions worked a treat.

  PeteJ 15:54 08 Mar 2003

You can also try -

Right click your picture and choose ‘format picture’ then click the layout tab. Then click ‘advanced’ and finally uncheck the option ‘move object with text’. Click OK to return to document.

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