anybody know about paper?

  athenrye 12:27 24 Nov 2005

im tryng to publish a small fanzine
the paper i have at 80gm2 bleeds through to the other side
anybody know what paper i should use and if the 80m2 or 90gm2 has anything to do with it

i can really afford expensive stuff so a cheap alternative is what im looking for

thick card isnt any good either as i want to put ten pages in it

  Stuartli 12:37 24 Nov 2005

If you use a quality paper of the weights mentioned then you shouldn't get "bleeding".

Staples and similar outlets have quality paper for very little more than you are probably paying now.

Are you using compatible inks? This may/might be part of the reason.

  kalstras 13:14 24 Nov 2005

I use 85gsm for my business paper, but a slightly higher one would do better for your mag, 90-95 is probably the better option but 85 works really well too.

  woodchip 13:37 24 Nov 2005

I think you will find the Paper you are using is Cheap Copy paper. OK for a Laser but no good for Inkjet

  athenrye 15:38 24 Nov 2005

hi folks thanks for the replys
when i say bleeding what i mean is that when i print one side you can see it from the other side
does that make sense?

i use an epson c62 which prints well on the side ive printed the cheap paper i use seems to show through it

i dont mean the typeset letters bleed if that helps

  Stuartli 15:56 24 Nov 2005

Nothing unusual in that...:-))

  athenrye 16:18 24 Nov 2005

anybody know waht the 80gm2 or 90gm2 mean
is this the thickness?
or is that just me!!

if i buy ink jet paper with a 90gm2 should that be okay for printing both sides, without it ghosting through

  PaulB2005 16:20 24 Nov 2005

80 gm2 = 80 grams per square meter

It's a measure of the papers weight. i.e. one square meter weighs 80 grams.

The higher the number the thicker and heavier the paper.

  €dstowe 16:21 24 Nov 2005

How many copies are you intending to print? Inkjet prints are not really economical if you're printing more than just a few.

It may be better for you to take it to a print shop and let them do it on suitable paper for your end use. You can always take their advice, even if you do decide to print yourself.

  athenrye 16:24 24 Nov 2005

about 300 sheets of a4 both sides
text and small photos
ive got hard card for the outer cover and im going to use 4 sheets a4 folded in the middle for contents

im planning on doing about 80 copies
does that add up correct!!


  DieSse 16:25 24 Nov 2005

I use 90gm paper for everything - 80gm is a bit too thin for my liking with an inkjet printer.

There are many grades of paper too - some coated - some of which are OK for inkjet printing - some not so good - particularly for colour, which lays more ink down.

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