Anybody have an XP Home disk?

  Thomo1 16:49 30 Jun 2005

Im in need of a copy of an XP Home disk. My cousins computer is being repaired under warranty but they wont touch it unless it has XP Home on it(which is what was default on it).

Since she destroyed her system through viruses Xp Pro got installed on the system as she dont have an xp disk and lost her system recovery disk.

Every1 i no tho has Pro, 2000 or less, everything but Home.

She has the original Home prod key so all she needs is some1 to burn her a copy of a full XP Home disk.

Could any1 be of assistance?

If so could you please e-mail me.

Many thanks

  ventanas 17:04 30 Jun 2005

You must be joking, nobody can be of any assistance. To do so would be sheer piracy. I doubt if you will get any takers here, we are all angels when it comes to this sort of thing. Anyway your product key would not work with another copy, and anyone who did would compromise their own installation. How did XP Pro become installed without a disc. That looks to be a dodgy installation as well.

Only two choices. Go out and buy a RETAIL copy of XP Home, or repair it yourself.

  iscanut 17:08 30 Jun 2005

Just beat me to it. I don't think this posting will get any takers as it is piracy for want of a better word. Also, I don't think that using a previous version product key would work on a copy of someone else's OS disk. How did Win XP Pro get installed " by accident " ?

  Jak_1 17:16 30 Jun 2005

The product key is on the cd as is the file to activate it so it will not work.

Naughty naughty, pro can not get on the system by accident!

Seems like you will have to bite the bullit and buy a legit version.

  TomJerry 17:27 30 Jun 2005

Just think the cost involved to produce individual CDs.

If you find a home CD (anyone), it will work.

The people repair her PC should have CD. If she can produce document to prove she legally own the license (e.g. COA, or manual with CD), the repair guy will accept her product key.

  TomJerry 17:29 30 Jun 2005

just wipe HDD clean and send back to repair under warrenty and tell them virus did this to PC

  mike1967 18:06 30 Jun 2005

I do

  mike1967 18:07 30 Jun 2005

but youre not having it

  woodchip 18:15 30 Jun 2005

Product key not on CD. It's on book or bottom or back of Computer MS lable. the do not put keys on CD's they would have to be all individual CD's. We live in a world of mase production or did you not hear of Henry Ford.

PS is Moto "You Can Have Any Color You Want So Long As It's Black"

Note the US "Color"

  Meshuga 18:33 30 Jun 2005

Congratulations ventanas, a straight and to the point answer. Couldn`t have put it better myself.

  Jak_1 20:08 30 Jun 2005

Woodchip please keep your pathetic humour to yourself, this is not the place for it. Most programs have the key writen into them for example:

I had 2 identical parkard-bell pc's, one I bought and one given to me. System disks for one would not work with the other's product key. Though the right key for each os would load onto both pc's. If you boot in dos and give the dos command 'dir' at the c promt you will usually find the file that contains the product key.

However, why should someone give away a copy (Pirated) of an os they had paid good money for? Especially if it has been registered!

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