Anybody good with DarkBasic?

  Elrond 17:09 05 Jun 2003

I just downloaded trial DarkBasic, and started to have a look once installed. Howver, I'm having a little problem. I'm going through the tutorials but cant type out the sample commands.


PRINT "Hello World"

I can type DO and then I hit enter to type the next line PRINT "Hello World" but it tries to compile and says syntax error. How can I type on the next line without it compiling? Thanks for your time.

  keith-236785 17:41 05 Jun 2003

i am just downloading this demo, will get back to you in a minute or two

  keith-236785 18:12 05 Jun 2003

click on FILE
then you will get a menu across the top of the screen, choose file/new project, pick a name and save then the editor will load, there you can type the lines in, they will only run when you click on run/execute

hope this helps you get started,

i think because the problem was because you were in tutorial

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