Any XP Home disc with my product key?

  ptrafc 22:40 20 Jan 2011

Hi all,
I need to reinstall a genuine version of XP Home on my system due to a drive change, however I have misplaced the original XP disc for this system. I have an alternative disc, also XP Home from another machine -- will this disc work with the product key on the side of my PC, and authenticate as a genuine version? Just wanted to check before I have to buy myself another OS...

Thanks in advance.

  northumbria61 22:46 20 Jan 2011

Yes - provided it is a Retail Version and not OEM

  ptrafc 23:12 20 Jan 2011

I could be out of luck then, I'm quite sure it's a copy that came with another machine so it's probably OEM -- thanks for your help, I'll try to hunt a retail version down.

  lotvic 23:21 20 Jan 2011

<<however I have misplaced the original XP disc for this system>>
what version - OEM or Retail - is/was the original?

Is your product key on a sticker on the pc tower? if so then it prob is OEM.

  ptrafc 23:30 20 Jan 2011

The product key in question is stuck on the side of the tower (so the lost disc which came with this key is OEM), and the alternative disc I plan to use is also OEM (it's not a recovery disc, I have reinstalled fresh, full versions of XP with this disc). I hope that clarifies!

Does northumbria61's reply still stand, or has there been a little confusion?

Thanks again.

  Simsy 07:53 21 Jan 2011

The number is specific to the version of XP...

That is to say;

XP Home Retail
XP Pro Retail
XP pro OEM

Are all different to one another. If the number you have is, for example, for an XP home OEM installation, then any XP home OEM disc will work with that number, but an XP Home Retail wont.

I'm open to correction on that, but that's my understanding.

A caveat is that I'm not sure what the situation is with regard to Service packs... eg would a "XP Home OEM service Pack 2" installation disc work OK using the number that came with a "XP Home OEM service Pack 1"? I don't have a clue!

Good luck!



  Taff™ 08:20 21 Jan 2011

It appears that you won`t have a problem because both are OEM. In my experience it doesn`t matter what service pack edition it is but the first thing to do is put on SP3 which you can download as an ISO image click here

Then sort out Windows Updates of which there are currently about 110 "Critical" and numerous optional - these will take some time to download and several reboots. It`s important here to make sure that from the start when you set up XP from the installation disk that you turn Automatic Updates OFF. Otherwise as you download them manually your computer will be trying to download automatically. It takes significantly longer otherwise.

  bjh 09:33 21 Jan 2011

If both are the same type of disk, OEM, Retail, etc, you'll have no problem. The key is specific to the type of install, and has to match the type of install CD.

It is possible to burn a copy of a retail disk as OEM, and vice versa, with minimal file change. Let us know if that's needed.

  xania 10:38 21 Jan 2011

I have recently found that MS seem to have relaxed their policy for XP owners. If you install the OS from the disk you have and then type inthe number of the label, it will probably be rejected, but will then give you a number to ring (free). You can then type in the series of characters from you PC and you may now be able to get an automatic registation code to validate your system.

Worth a try?

  lotvic 11:31 21 Jan 2011

Slight confusion with what you say, yes that may happen with some combinations of CD edition and Product Key, but there are a lot more variables to it than that.

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