any way of making a song size smaller?

  GEEKSTA 22:06 01 May 2007

Ive got a nokia phone with not alot of memory.
I want as many songs as pos.
Is there any way of making a song size smaller in anyway, without the quailty of the sound distroting too much???


  mammak 22:17 01 May 2007

More info is needed here

what is your Nokia model do's it have a memory card?

My samsung D900 has a 1GB memory card so holds a lot of music ect on it for instance a Mp3 file is about 5.79MB but a WMA is about 4.70MB although it wont support protected WMA you would need to convert it to Mp3 first what is your phones setup with regards to this ?

  rodriguez 22:20 01 May 2007

If it's for a phone, the first thing to do is re-encode it into mono instead of stereo. Then it's a case of experimenting with different bitrates until you find the lowest one that you can listen to without it being too distorted. 96 Kb/s should be enough, as should 64. If these are OK, try lower and lower bitrates until you find the lowest that still offers acceptable quality.

  rodriguez 22:21 01 May 2007

Also, don't play the lower bitate ones on the PC, they'll sound terrible anyway. Play it on the phone to test it as phone's have a small speaker so the quality doesn't make much of a difference on them.

  mammak 22:27 01 May 2007

That of course will take care of the quality of playback with less distortion of sound

but what about the memory issue!without available memory he/she will not be able too store much on his/her phone and originally asked if he/she could reduce the file size of the said music without distortion.

  GEEKSTA 21:41 02 May 2007

All i want to do is shrink a couple of songs.
Has anyone got any links.??

  mocha 22:28 02 May 2007

Go here and download Audacity along with Lame, follow instructions, Lame is needed for MP3 encoding. click here

You Can Cut, shrink, fade, just about everything you could want and it's free.

  De Marcus™ 22:33 02 May 2007

rodriguez is quite correct, reducing the bitrate will reduce the file size considerably.

Your quoted file sizes are far too big for a phone to play back in any kind of quality. An almost 6mb mp3 could be reduced to a tenth of that without any quality drop from a phone speaker.

  skidzy 22:39 02 May 2007
  mammak 13:03 03 May 2007

My apologies to rodriguez got that wrong sorry,
also apologies to GEEKSTA the Mp3 file size should be converted to approx 1820Kb/s or less not 5.79MB as I stated that was the size before conversion sorry my input was wrong.

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