Any way to increase Laptop's volume above maximum?

  buel 15:57 29 Jan 2011

Hi, i have an old Medion MD96032 and the audio isn't quite loud enough for me. Please can anyone tell me is there a way to 'tweak' just a little more than i have, short of plugging in hardware?
Thank you in advance!

  Taff™ 16:01 29 Jan 2011

Basically no but I stand to be corrected! A set of speakers with built in amp should do it.

By the way did you get this thread sorted? click here Only it`s been parked for a week and no response from you. ;o)

  GaT7 16:03 29 Jan 2011

Taff is right.

Do you need some suggestions? If yes, what's your budget & will a 2-speaker or 2.1 (with subwoofer) speaker set suffice? G

  buel 16:34 29 Jan 2011

Thanks Taff, i've just closed the other one with a satisfied (happy) conclusion!!

  buel 16:35 29 Jan 2011

Thanks crossbow, im not looking to spend very much as i only use it now and then so what do you think?

  robin_x 16:36 29 Jan 2011

Paste from another Google search "increase laptop volume"....

You mention that you've tried all the software tricks, but here are a few just in case you've missed them. Volume on a PC is controlled in a million places and sometimes you need to adjust them all.
-Control Panel, Volume Control
-Control Panel, Volume Control, Advance (make sure master, wave, cd, etc. are up)
-Volume control in system tray, if available
-Laptop function-key volume (mine is Fn+F10-12, my wife's is Fn+PgUP / PgDn)
-Control Panel, "Multimedia / speaker" profile setup thing
-Volume control in media players -- open up all of the media player programs on your computer and turn their volumes up -- sometimes their volumes "stick"
-And obviously, look for any physical buttons/knobs/dials on the outside of the machine.

Also make sure if there is a Graphic Equalizer control hidden somewhere, all its sliders at max.

click here

  woodchip 17:10 29 Jan 2011

You can buy USB powered speaker from about £5, thats what I have connected to my HP laptop

  onionskin 20:15 29 Jan 2011

when I plug my headphones in.

  bremner 20:19 29 Jan 2011

Less than £12 click here

  buel 14:24 30 Jan 2011

Brilliant!! Thank you so much!!

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